Apple Survey Drops Big Apple Watch Series 7 Feature Hint

Apple next iteration of its annual smartwatch update will likely be named the Apple Watch Series 7 and as far as the rumor train goes, its headlining feature is expected to be a blood glucose monitor.

It was all just speculation until now but Apple has now apparently begun surveying existing customers about their habits and which WatchOS features do they find themselves using the most. As per a report by 9to5Mac, a citizen of Brazil wrote to the publication detailing the questions asked by Apply in the survey and how the Cupertino giant was particularly interested in knowing whether users rely on third-party apps to monitor workouts and blood sugar levels.

We learn that the survey offers options about using third-party apps for tracking workouts, monitoring dietary habits and nutrition, and other common health-related metrics like medications and monitoring blood sugar levels. While ‘a survey’ doesn’t explicitly indicate whether Apple will roll out blood sugar or blood glucose monitoring sensor within the next-gen Apple Watch Series 7, we have seen surveys conducted by the Cupertino giant being key pointers to upcoming features before.

We did come across a report recently where an SEC filing hints that Apple will add a glucometer feature to the Apple Watch as soon as 2022. The report stated that Apple has apparently been Rockley Photonics’ — a British company known for developing sensors that read multiple blood signals — largest customer over the years, which may mean that its next-generation sensors could be in gadgets next year.

A report from back in January had also hinted that we might see the next Samsung Galaxy Watch offer a sensor capable of measuring blood glucose levels. In 2020, Samsung developed a system for monitoring blood sugar levels employing a method called Raman Spectroscopy. The method reportedly employs lasers to spot the chemical composition of blood. So we could very well see the two rivals face each other off yet again, match each other blow for blow.