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Apple’s Foldable Future: Insights from Analyst Jeff Pu

Exciting developments are on the horizon for Apple enthusiasts as reports emerge of the tech giant’s plans to delve into the foldable device market. According to insights from Haitong analyst Jeff Pu, Apple’s foray into foldables is poised to commence with the release of innovative products in the coming years.

A Glimpse into the Future: Foldable Devices on the Horizon

Pu’s analysis, outlined in a note to investors shared by MacRumors, sheds light on Apple’s progress in integrating foldable technology into its product lineup. With momentum building within Apple’s supply chain, the stage is set for the introduction of foldable devices that promise to redefine the user experience.

First Steps: Large-Screen Foldable iPad or MacBook

Apple’s initial foray into the foldable market is expected to begin with the launch of a large-screen foldable iPad or MacBook. This strategic move serves as a precursor to the unveiling of a higher volume foldable iPhone, signaling Apple’s intention to gradually penetrate the foldable device segment.

Accelerated Production: Foldable Devices Set for 2025 and 2026

According to Pu’s sources, Apple’s first foldable device with a substantial 20.3-inch display is slated to commence production in late 2025, a timeline that surpasses previous expectations. Insights from Korean display manufacturers, along with collaboration with American and Taiwanese hinge manufacturers, support this accelerated production schedule.

Unveiling the Foldable iPhone: A New Era of Innovation

The much-anticipated foldable iPhone is poised to make its debut with a display size ranging from 7.9 inches to 8.3 inches. Apple may opt for multiple display size options or focus on a singular offering, positioning the foldable iPhone as a pinnacle of luxury within the smartphone market. Scheduled for mass production in late 2026, this groundbreaking device heralds a new era of innovation for Apple.

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