Finally, Apple Ditch The Touch Bar With Its Next MacBook Pro, Claim Analysts

Apple is supposed to release its new lineup of MacBook Pros later this year, and a lot of rumors point to a fact that may be music to the ears of most MacBook fans — the infamous Touch Bar may be gotten rid of.

The latest MacBook Pros are said to feature a new generation of Apple Silicon processors and a shiny new design. But one surprise rumor is that the Touch Bar will be replaced by a more regular row of functional keys — a change that wasn’t required in the first place.

The Touch Bar was initially added to a handful of MacBook Pro models in 2016. If you’re a Windows user and have no clue what I’m talking about, it’s an OLED touchscreen that rests just above the MacBook Pro keyboard. Its dynamic controls allow users shortcuts relevant to what content is on the most screen. It also provides quick access to system-level shortcuts.

It’s been controversial, and that a bit of an understatement. While it’s not universally hated, just like the butterfly keyboard appeared to be, not everyone liked it.

Despite being the third most significant use of OLED displays, Apple is getting rid of the Touch Bar in future MacBook Pro devices, reports Display Supply Chain Consultants (via 9To5Mac). With an 18% unit share and a 1.2% revenue share, touch bars continue to be the #3 application, according to DSCC.

When Apple introduces the 10.9″ AMOLED iPad, we expect Touch Bars to be replaced by tablets. Furthermore, our sources say Apple may cancel Touch Bar later on.”

Other rumors about the upcoming lineup include:

  • A straightforward HDMI port.
  • A USB-C/Thunderbolt port.
  • Two USB-C ports.
  • An SD card slot.

However, this isn’t the first time we hear murmurs about the Touch Bar being discarded. Apple Analysts / Experts Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo have made similar forecasts for Apple. This was confirmed by stolen Apple schematics from earlier this year.

We won’t know until Apple mentions it, but as things stand, the force is strong with this bit of information, and we all know several MacBook Pro users who’ll be very happy about it.