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Tired Of WhatsApp? Here’s How To Disappear From It Without Deleting

One of the most popular texting services in use today is WhatsApp. According to the corporation, the platform facilitates the daily exchange of billions of communications. However, there are times when you just want to stop getting messages and take a vacation from the hectic world of social media. The biggest worry is that the user cannot simply silence the messages and delete them without uninstalling the program.

Therefore, if you have the application, the messages will still be sent to your phone regardless of what you do. This is true even if you turn off the blue tick or temporarily cease using your internet connectivity. We can provide a more sensible method to vanish and stop receiving messages if you are a passionate user of WhatsApp and do not intend to use the platform or take a break—without erasing the program from your phone.
Here are some instructions on how to use the WhatsApp vanish function without uninstalling the chat app:

1. Long-press the WhatsApp application.
2. Tap or choose the “App info” icon.
3. The top of the setting will include a “Force Stop” feature.
4. Press the Force Stop button.
5. Close the WhatsApp application directly from the background.
6. You won’t get any messages from the messaging app after doing this.

The message’s sender will only learn that you didn’t get the message if they do this. WhatsApp offers a double tick function that lets users know when a message has been delivered but not yet viewed if they are using the platform. Following the recipient’s reading of the message, there is another Blue tick.

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