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Transform your modern Mac into something much cooler with these classic Macintosh icons

Have you ever wished your Mac looked a little more like it belonged in 1984? If so, you’re in luck because there’s a brand-new icon and wallpaper pack that you’re going to love.

What you need to know

  • A new icon kit turns modern Macs into Macintoshes.
  • 166 custom icons are included in the base Old School kit.
  • Custom icons can be made if required.

The new Old School icon pack created by Ben Vessey consists of 166 “pixel perfect” icons across both dark and light themes alongside five dynamic wallpapers that are built with massive 6K displays in mind. There is even a provision made for those using Windows machines — ICO files and static wallpapers are included!

The full rundown of what you can expect includes:

  • 166 pixel perfect icons (scroll down for the full list)
  • Dark & Light themes
  • 5 dynamic macOS wallpapers in 6k to complete the look
  • Drag and drop install on macOS with IconChamp (not included)
  • Gold option which includes 5 custom app icons of your choice
  • Want to give your Windows machine a retro Mac vibe? No problem, ICO files and static wallpapers are included

All of that is available today for just $5.99 plus local taxes. That collection of 166 icons includes all of the most common apps including 1Password, Apple Music, and more. But if your favorite app isn’t included you can opt for a special package that will also get your five additional custom icons, built to your specification. That package costs a little extra, as you’d expect.

Almost all of us will agree that the current Apple silicon machines are the best Macs Apple has ever made. However, these icons will help us remember a simpler time. And one that was much more black, white, and pixelated!

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