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China In December 2021: See The Best Places And Activities For Your Holiday

Have you decided to end your year with a mindblowing vacation? Sorted among the best destinations to explore in December, China is home to a plethora of attractions that are exotic and fabulous at the same time. You might have just heard about the iconic wall and forbidden city, but China has amazing places to explore with diverse cultures and deep-rooted legacy. Christmas is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal in China in December. You will find streets brimming with lights and decorations during this time. Adding to this, the weather of China is quite pleasant in December, making it all the more irresistible.

Weather In China In December

Visiting China in December will definitely fascinate you. During this month, you can see that the destinations are less crowded and also the hotel & airfare are affordable. Another important thing to be noted is that the Great Wall and the Yellow Mountains are covered with snow. China offers a completely amazing view in the month of December. Cold, balmy and windy weather drives people to this place during this month.

Top 7 Places To Visit In China In December

Listed below is a compilation of places that should be explored during your winter vacation in China. If you are looking at the finest places to visit in China in December, then do include these places in your bucket list.

1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

You will be amazed after seeing the peculiar pillar-shaped mountains in this park. Even the geologists don’t have enough evidence to prove this philosophy. Have you watched the movie Avatar? Then you have had a glimpse into the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. In fact, one of the mountains in the park is now called the Avatar Mountain, making it one of the most exciting places to visit in China in December.

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2. Forbidden City

Beijing, the capital of China, is home to the Forbidden City, which is one of the beautiful places to see in China. Sprawling over 180 acres, this complex features the finest artifacts and collections with respect to Chinese History. This museum was constructed during the 15th century and later renovated in the 18th century. It features 9000 rooms that are worth your attention.

Many people visit this place to explore this museum. The applaudable architecture of this museum is elegant and is deemed to be the world’s largest complex. This museum is in a rectangular shape and is segregated into three sections i.e. defense, the inner court, and the outer court. Moreover, it showcases one million artworks that are unique and rare. If you want complete knowledge about the legacy and history of China, then visit this place.

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3. Terracotta Army

Witness the 8000-strong frozen army that is stationed there for 2000 years. This army is full of generals, warriors, and horsemen that are crafted in the memory of the lost soldiers. All the sculptures depict the armies of Qin Shi Huang who was the first ever emperor of China. Converted into a museum complex is the mausoleum site that encompasses more than 8000 soldiers, 520 horses, 150 cavalry horses and 130 chariots. If you want to discover the historic side of China, then do visit this outstanding tourist destination.

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4. Temple Of Heaven

Temple of Heaven is one of the sacred temples that was constructed 600 years ago in Beijing. This temple is a place where the emperors would plead for a good harvest and also it is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. Snap some insta worthy pictures at this temple of heaven that is a symbol of Taoism as well.

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5. The Bund, Shanghai

Crowned as a symbol of Shanghai, The Bund is a very popular waterfront located on the west bank of River Huangpu. Enjoy the tranquil view of the river and the skyline of the city from this place. The charm and beauty will definitely fascinate you. The river faces the contemporary towers of Lujiazui. This place is renowned as the International Architecture Exhibition Group.

You can find Huangpu Park placed at the northern end of Bund. It is similar to a small oasis that is located amidst the Bund and the bustling shopping areas. The well-maintained lawn and garden are the top attractions here.

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6. Leshan Giant Buddha

A 230 feet tall Buddhist statue was erected more than 2000 years ago in Leshan. This is a breathtaking sight for all the tourists where the buddha is in a sitting posture. The elegance of Buddha can be seen in its artistry and not its size. The Buddhas’ coiled hair comprises 1,021 buns that are embedded in the head. Another important factor to be emphasized here is the drainage system. You can find gutters and channels hidden in the head, arms and behind the ears.

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7. The Yellow Mountains

You can visit the yellow mountains all round the year. The snow-covered yellow mountains are brimming with verdant pine trees and peculiar rocks. The average temperature of the yellow mountains is -5 °C (23 °F). You can experience the sunrise and sunset of the mountains that are mind-blowing. Also, you can click some awesome pictures here.

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Top 6 Things To Do In China In December

Done with the list of places in China? Now have a look at all the awesome things you can do in China for an exhilarating travel experience in the month of December.

1. River Li: Go Boating

The River Li is 83 km long and is apt for boating or just swimming. Try out the cruise boat or choose a kayak to sail on the Li River. Also, one can enjoy bamboo rafting where you can have an excellent floating experience. Board a cruise and admire the lovely scenery of the karst landscape. This river boasts plenty of scenic natural beauty. This destination is so famous that it attracts people like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and George Bush. Experience the fantastic scenery and catch sight of village life. It doesn’t just lure in millions of wanderers but is also included under top things to do in China.

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2. Enjoy A Hot Pot Of Sichuan

If you find yourself in the Province of Sichuan, don’t miss the local cuisine that is well known for its lip-smacking taste. This is definitely one of the best things to do in China. Tantalize your taste buds and treat your tummy to a steaming pot of Sichuan at any of the local as well as popular cafes and restaurants in China.

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3. Kashgar’s Sunday Market: Buy Handmade Goods

Are you a shopaholic? Then visit the Kashgar’s Sunday Market that has fabulous street shopping areas. Among the coolest things to do in China is shopping around Kashgar’s Sunday Market. Yengi Bazaar and Ulak market are two different markets. Yengi Bazaar comprises hats and colorful fabrics. Ulak market is famous for wholesale livestock where you get to crack awesome deals. This is one of the most outstanding things to do in China in December.

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4. Mogao Grottoes: See Ancient Art

The ancient art in Mogao Grottoes will fascinate all the history geeks and art buffs. Try being an explorer and archaeologist for a day. At the Mogao Caves or the Thousand Buddha Grottoes you can find 700 caves that are filled with ancient and unique Buddhist artwork you won’t find anywhere else. As you visit their art center, you can get inspiration to create your own masterpieces back home.

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5. Panda Breeding Research Base: Meet Cute Pandas

Visit the Panda Breeding Research Base where you can find some super cute pandas. The pandas are fluffy and are found hanging, climbing and munching right on the grooves of Bamboo. This is an adorable creature that is lively all the time. Your visit to China is incomplete, without spending a day with these cute pandas. Want to try out some fun, then this is one of the amazing things to do in China in December.

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6. Nanshan Ski Resort: Try Skiing

If you are bored of just exploring tourist attractions and museums, then it’s time for some adventure and thrill! You can try out skiing and skating, which are among the best seasonal activities in China and December is a great time to indulge in these. Nanshan Ski Resort, Shijinglong Ski Resort, and Huaibei Ski Resort are few of the best ski resorts in China where you can try these.

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Have you gone through all the above mentioned places and activities? Now you’re all set to plan an awesome-sauce trip to China! Relish the sweet kiss of winter in China in December with your friends, family, or partner for a smashing holiday experience and unforgettable memories. And don’t forget to tell us all about your experience once you’re back!

Frequently Asked Questions About China In December

How cold is China in December?

Beijing experiences dry and chilly weather in December. Moreover, the average temperature is -2°C (28°F). The wind is so chilled that it almost freezes all the flowers and plants.

Is December a good time to visit China?

December is an ideal month to explore China as all the tourist places are less crowded and also the lodge fares are not so high.

Where does it snow in China in December?

Xiling Snow Mountain is a paradise for Skiing and it experiences snow showers in the middle of December. Moreover, the temperatures fall down to 0°C or below in the month of December.

Can you visit the Great Wall of China in December?

December is one of the ideal months to explore the Great Wall of China. All the history geeks and nature fanatics should definitely visit this scenic spot.

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