New York State Declares December 2 As Emirati Day

The UAE is soon going to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and to make the occasion more special, New York state has named December 2, 2021, as Emirati Day to honour the nation’s golden jubilee. Read on to know everything about it.

New York To Celebrate UAE National Day On December 2
New York has strong ties with the Emirates, and to strengthen the ties, this suggestion was put forward by the Dubai-born New York state senator Kevin Thomas. He said that in areas such as business and trade as well as fashion and education, New York has strong ties with the Emirates.

The resolution was adopted on June 2, Senate Resolution No 980 states that “this legislative body declares December 2, 2021, as Emirati Day in New York state.”

UAE Will Celebrate Its 50th Anniversary This Year
Emiratis love New York City, and it’s also a popular place for the Emiratis to go to university. UAE celebrates its national day every year on December 2, and it commemorates the founding of the UAE. But this year, the celebrations are going to be bigger and better, since the country will be celebrating its 50th. Mr Kevin also met Abdalla Shaheen, consul general of the UAE in New York, who thanked him for the move. Mr Shaheen said the Emirates was honoured by the announcement. He said,

“This December, the UAE will not only celebrate its 50th anniversary – we will also celebrate 50 years of friendship with the state of New York. Strong business and trade ties, coupled with a range of partnerships through the arts, sport and education, are the foundation of this close relationship.”

We are already excited to celebrate the 50 glorious years of the UAE what about you?