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Woman With Sweet Tooth Travels 200km Just To Try Viral Dessert & Foodies Can Totally Relate

How far would you go for what you love? No, we aren’t starting a fantasy novel or a philosophical debate but this article is about one brave-hearted woman who did not let distance stop her from trying out a viral dessert. Well, foodies when it comes to amazing food, there have been situations where people even broke lockdown rules for butter chicken or kebabs. And while this woman didn’t break any lockdown rules, she travelled 200 km just for a dessert. Yes, you read this right.

Viral Dessert Makes UK Woman Travel 7 Hours For It
A woman from the UK, Vicky Gee, travelled 200 km to try a viral dessert. This appetizing journey started from Cambridge to Barnsley in Yorkshire, a seven-hour round trip. It was done all for the popular sweet Biscoff pudding from Dolly’s Desserts. Does it have your interest spiked? So did Vickey get what she wanted? Yes! She had a bubble waffle ice cream, Kinder Bueno sauce, whipped cream, a Lotus Biscoff biscuit, and Biscoff sauce. Also, on the way, Vicky stopped by the American candy shop in Doncaster and even shared a video for the same on her TikTok handle.

Foodies Totally Related To Her
A Dolly Desserts staff member shared it on TikTok and she mentioned that Vicky travelled “like three, three-and-a-half hours away” to taste a delicacy. Since the video has been shared, it has gone viral. When asked about the dish, Vicky mentioned that she liked the dessert and would definitely return to relive the experience. Now some of us may not be impressed but there are those who would agree with Vicky. A user found Vicky’s journey relatable and agreed that he would travel even farther to have a dessert. Well, like the wise say, it is never too far for what you love!

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