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Jamunapari Goat Profile Information

Jamunapari Goat Profile Information

Jamunapari Goat Profile:

Jamunpari Goat (Male)
Jamunapari Goat (Male).

Introduction of Jamunapari Goat:- This goat breed is native to Indian subcontinent and the goat breed name is derived from the river “Jamna Par” in Uttar Pradesh. Jamunapari goats are imported to Indonesia and they have great success over there. Basically this goat breed is reared for both milk and meat. In India, this breed mainly found in the states of  Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Grazing Habit of Jamunapari Goat:- This goat breed prefers tree leaves, bushes and top grass rather than usual ground grazing. In winter season, they spend more than 80 % of their time in grazing where as 50 % in hot summer months.

Breed Characteristics of Jamunapari Goat:- There is a large variation in coat colour in this breed, but a typical Jamunapari goat is generally white with patches of the tan with light brown spots on the neck and head. The typical characteristics of this breed are their head tends to have highly convex nose which looks like parrot mouth shape. Another typical characteristic of the Jamunapari goat is long, flat and drooping ears which are about 25 cm long. Both the male and female goats are horned with short and thin tail. The udder is round in shape with conical teats and is well developed. These breed also unusual long legs compared to other goats. A thick hair can be found on the buttocks which are known as feathers.

Breed Features of Jamunapari Goats:- The below chart shows the breed features of the Jamunapari goat.

Size (Avg) Male (Buck) Female (Doe)
Weight (kg) 50 to 60 40 to 50
Length (cm) 75 to 77 75
Chest girth (cm) 80 75

Performance of Jamunapari Goats:- Kidding and milk yield of Jamunapari goat breed as follows.

  • Kidding Nature: Generally, female goat (doe) gives birth once a year. 57 % of the female goats give birth to singles where as 43 % give twins.
  • Milk Yield: An average milk yield in Jamunapari goat breed is about 2kg per day with a total lactation period of 100 to 110 days.

    Jamunapari Goat (Female)
    Jamunapari Goat (Female).

Advantages of Jamunapari Goats Breed:- The following are advantages of Jamunapari goat farming.

  • This goat breed meat is tasty and low in cholesterol compared to other goat meats.
  • Sometimes, kidding of triplets and quadruplets are possible
  • This female breed starts conceiving at 18 months age.
  • Conceiving rate is high (about 90%) compared to other breeds.
  • Market is value for this breed also good, so once can get good profits with this breed farming.

Bottom Line:- Jamunapari goats farming is profitable in long run with milk and meat. Average price of young (2 months old) female kid may cost 2000 and male kid would be little higher.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2018
Author: Jagdish

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