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Meat Goat farming information Guide in India

Meat Goat farming info Guide in India

Boer - Premium meat goat
Boer – Premium meat goat.

Little about Meat Goat:

Goat meat consumption is very high and growing this as the population grows. This forced farmers to think of better breeds where they can produce more meat commercially in a short time. The goat breeds which are famous for meat production are known as meat goat breeds. Usually, meat goat breeds are mainly raised for their high meat production purpose. There are numerous meat producing goat breeds available throughout the world. Name and characteristics of some highly meat productive goat breeds are described below.


To raise meat goat economically consider these factors in feeding:

  1. Make use of pasture and browse – this will cut down on your feed bill.
  2. When and where to purchase the feed – buy a full year’s supply at one time or purchase as needed?
  3. Make sure you have excellent equipment for storage and feeding. Do not feed goats concentrates on the ground.
  4. Make sure you have adequate feeder space for all animals in a pen to eat at the same time. This will greatly reduce the chance of injuries and miscarriage.
  5. Consider the size of the goats you will have. Larger animals require more floor and feeder space.
  6. Know what stage of production your does are in so you can feed them accordingly.
  7. Separate pregnant does from nonpregnant as they approach kidding.
  8. Make sure all animals have Clean and fresh water at all times – check each day and clean all waters on a regular basis.
  9. Ideally, sweep feeders each day.

If you decide to start a meat goat farming, where you get your starter herd is critical. Be sure to purchase healthy animals. Also, don’t buy on pedigree alone – it is the performance of the goat that counts, not the papers that come with the goat.

Selection factors for meat goat farming:

  1. Educate yourself – visit other goat farms, read books, visit websites, and join goat organizations.
  2. Don’t be bashful – put your hands on the goat!
  3. Check for a sound mouth, two teats, no lumps or sores, healthy feet, no nasal or eye discharge, clean butt, good body condition, size fits with age.
  4. Ask to see the sire and dam.
  5. Ask its birth rank, how it was raised, and vaccines/deworming.
  6. Ask for its pre and postweaning average daily gain.
  7. Ask about their culling practices. Do not buy from a farm that sells everything as breeding stock.
  8. Make sure that they raise goats the way you will be raising them. Don’t buy a pampered show goat and expect it to survive on pasture with minimal care – it will die!
  9. Don’t buy from a sale barn or auction!
  10. EPD’s are just starting in goats.
  11. Start cheap – it’s better to make mistakes on less expensive goats that your high dollar breeding stock.

Meat Goat Breeds in India :

The key traits to be considered in selecting a breed for meat goat production include adaptability to environmental and production conditions, reproductive rate, growth rate, and carcass characteristics.



Famous Meat Goat Breeds : 

The main meat goat breeds in India are Boer, Beetal, Kashmiri, Matou, Angora, and Black Bengal.


  • Boer Goat:
    Meat Goat - Boer

    Meat Goat – Boer.

  • The Boer is a heavier goat that was developed in South Africa. This makes the Boer a good fit for drier climates such as Texas. Puberty is achieved early, at about 6 months for the males and 10-12 months for the females. Usually, a mature Boer buck weights about 110 to 135 kg and a mature doe weights about  90 to 100 kg. Read here for complete Boer profile information.

  • Beetal Goat :
    Beetal Goat -buck

    Beetal Goat -buck.

  • Beetal is a very important meat goat breeds in India and Pakistan. They are like Jamunapari goat. They are very famous for meat and milk production. Basically for meat production. They are mostly available in Panjab state of India and Rawalpindi and Lahore of Pakistan. Beetal goats are small and long in size. Their body color is black or brown with white spots. An adult male goat weights about 65 kg and female 45 kg. Read here about  Beetal Goat Information.
  • Kashmiri Goat:
    Kashmiri Goat - buck

    Kashmiri Goat – buck.

  • Kashmiri goat is another meat goat breeds, originated from Kashmir of India. They are of big sized and become very hardy. Kashmiri goats can tolerate hot weather and their Body color generally white, although you can see ash or brown colored goats. Kashmiri Goat is famous for meat production.
  • Matou Goat: 
    Matou Goat
    Matou Goat.

    Matou goat is one of the highly productive meat goat breeds in India, and they were originated from China. They are generally famous for their high meat production capability. Matou goat’s body is usually white colored and their legs are very long, ears are smaller in size and straight. They will not have any horn. Matou goat does give birth to a pair of baby goat each time

  • Angora Goat:
    Angora Goat - buck
    Angora Goat – buck.

    Angora is another meat goat breeds, and they were originated from China. They are also very popular for mohair production. The body of angora goat is covered with mixed color and they have long and bright hair in their body.angora does give birth to one baby goat each time. This goat breed also suitable for quality mohair production.

  • Black Bengal Goat: 
    Black Bengal Goat - buck

    Black Bengal Goat – buck.

  • Black Bengal goat breed basically originated from Bangladesh. This breed is also available in Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya, and some other Asian countries. Their meat is very tasty and has a great demand and price in the market. They are very important livestock animal for the rural Bangladeshi poor people. They produce high-quality meat and skin. Black Bengal does give birth to baby goats twice a year, and each time gives birth of up to 2 to 6 baby goats. Their immune power is very higher than other meat and dairy goat breeds. Black Bengal is one of the best meat goats, and their products have a great demand in the world market. They also produce high-quality skin. Read here for a complete profile of Black Bengal goat.

Marketing of Goats:

As Goat meat always in full of demand and shortage in production, It is very easy to market.

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