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Plum Varieties (Commercial) Information in India

Plum Varieties (Commercial) Information in India

Commercial  Plum varieties with yield info in India are listed below:

Plum Varieties
Plum Varieties.

Kala Amritsari:

It is most popular variety grown in state of Punjab. These Plums are medium in size, round and dark brown at maturity. Fruit flesh is yellow, juicy and best suitable for jam making. The fruits comes to ripen stage during mid –May, the average yield can be expected from this variety is 45 to 50kg /tree.

Satluj purple:

These plum varieties of fruits are large size and bright crimson with thick flesh, they possess excellent shipping quality. They start ripening in May second week. Yield of this type could be expected @ 30 kg/tree. Due to it’s self-incompatible, it should be planted with “Kala Amritsari” variety to improve the yield.

Satlum purple plum
Satlum purple plum.

Jamuni Meeruti:

These fruits are small sized, dull yellow, thin skinned with property of soft melting flesh. They come for ripening stage during end of april. Expected yield about 28 kg/ tree.


This Plum crop yield can be improved if ‘Alucha Early Round’ is cultivated as pollenizer. These plum fruits are medium in size with thin skin and deep purple color. Due to its yellow flesh, it is excellent for fruit jam making. They come for ripening stage in the 2nd week of May, the average yield can be expected around 25 to 30 kg /tree.

Kataru Chak:

This type is partially self-fruitful variety but its yield can be improved if pollinated with ‘Kala Amritsari’. These plum fruits are large in size, purplish colour with creamy flesh. They are good for squash and jam making.

Alu Bokhara:

It is a self-unfruitful variety and should be planted in rows alternating with those of ‘Howe’. These Fruits are large in size with yellow colour and occasionally tinted with red. This variety plum pulp is juicy and sweet. This type fruit can be used and served as fresh fruit.


These plum varieties are large in size, round in shape, sweet & juicy. They change to red at maturity. They start ripening in second fortnight of May, the yield could be around 30 to 35 kg/tree. Alu Bokhara as a pollinizer can improve the yield.


These plum varieties are round in shape and small in size. They will develop red colour at the time of maturity and ripen in June second week. The yield from this variety could be expected 25 kg/tree.

Late Yellow:

These plums are in round shape with medium sized, juicy and sweet. They become lemon-yellow at maturity time and start ripening in the first fortnight of May month, the average yield with this variety is 25 kg/tree.

Alucha Black:

These plum fruits are small in size with dark purple colour. They start ripening late in the season. Since trees are self incompatible, Planting this with Titron may improve yield.

Peshawari Kala:

These plum varieties are somewhat shy bearing but its fruits have a very good quality. These fruits are black in colour with thick skin.

Damson plum:

These plum varieties  are medium in size and round in shape with thick skin, juicy and yellow skin They start ripening in 1st week of June, the average yield can be expected during 40 kg /tree.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2018
Author: Jagdish


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