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Vanaraja Chicken Farming Info Guide

Vanaraja Chicken Farming Info Guide

Vanaraja Chicken Farming:

Vanaraja Chicken Farming
Vanaraja Chicken Farming.

Introduction of Vanaraja Chicken Farming:-  Vanaraja chicken is one of the coloured bird for rural poultry farming. This bird is reared for both eggs and meat. The product from native fowls is widely preferred because of their pigmentation, taste, leanness, flavour and suitability. These birds (10 to 20) can be reared under free range conditions for egg purpose where plenty of natural feed is available. In case of commercial farming, these birds can be reared under intensive/semi intensive conditions providing all necessary inputs just like commercial broilers. Backyard poultry breed with an egg production of 150 to 200 & 1.3 to 1.5 Kg body weight at 10 to 14 weeks of age is viable in rural village condition.

Advantage and benefits of Vanaraja Chicken Farming:- Following are the main advantages and benefits of Vanaraja Chicken farming.

  • Vanaraja birds are attractive and multi coloured
  • Vanaraja birds have high degree of immune power, hence less disease probability
  • Vanaraja birds performance is quite good with low nutrition
  • Vanaraja birds grow faster and produce more eggs compared to desi hen
  • Vanaraja birds produce brown egg just like desi hen
  • Vanaraja birds meat is lean and tasty 
Vanararaja Chicken Eggs
Vanararaja Chicken Eggs

Vanaraja Chicken Rearing: – Typically, Vanaraja birds are reared in the nursery for about 6 weeks age and then leave them in free range conditions.

Nursery Management in Vanaraja Chicken Farming:- Brooding of Vanaraja chicks is essential immediately after hatching to provide required temperature and protection from predators. Place the 2 to 3 inches of litter (paddy) in the brooder and cover the news paper on the litter. Feeders and drinkers should be arranged for these day old chicks.

  • Brooders: Wooden or metal brooders can be used along with electrical bulbs for producing required heat. Generally, the heat source of 2 watt/chick is required. To prevent the birds going near to heat source, chick gourds can be used. 
  •  Vanaraja chicks (Brooding)
  • Feed: Growing birds under nursery management should be given with well balanced feed which contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is important to make sure every bird gets the feed and clean drinking water. The diet can be formulated using locally available feeds to meet the required nutrition for the birds. Layer grower feed which is available commercially can also be used during the first 6 weeks of bird age.
  • Health Care: Though Vanaraja birds have better immune system, they need to be protected from fowl pox and Newcastle diseases. The following chart shows the vaccination schedule for Vanaraja birds.
Age of bird Vaccine name Strain Dose Route
In the Hatchery:
1 day Marke’s Disease HVT 0.20 ml SC Injection
In the Nursery:
5th day Newcastle Disease Lasota 1 drop Eye drop
14th day Infectious Bursal Disease Georgia 1 drop Oral drop
21st day Pox Fowl pox 0.20 ml IM/SC Injection
28th day Newcastle Disease Lasota 1 drop Eye drop
In the Field:
9th week Newcastle* Disease R2B 0.50 ml SC Injection
12th week Pox* Fowl pox 0.20 ml SC Injection

Free Range Management in Vanaraja Chicken Farming:-  After 6 weeks of rearing under nursery management, birds will attain about 650 to 750 grams of body weight. These birds can be let out free under backyard free range conditions @ 10 to 25 birds /house, depending on the area and natural feed available. Clean drinking water should be provided every day before the birds are let out from night shelter. Generally, male Vanaraja birds can be sold after gaining minimum body weight. Under free range conditions, a female bird lay about 100 to 110 eggs per year.

  • Feed under Free Range Conditions:- Generally, these birds pick their food from scavenging under free range condition. However, bajra, ragi, jowar, korra, broken rice, rice bran feeding is beneficial for their rapid growth and egg production. Feeding of the birds under free range conditions depends on the type of rearing. If they are rearing for meat purpose, the commercial layer feed is recommended. In case of egg production, the birds depend on the natural feed available. It is very important to restrict the weight of female birds @ 2.0 to 2.5 kg @ 6 months period because the egg production capacity will go down.
  • Diseases under Free Range Conditions:- The important disease that effects in the free range conditions is “Newcastle Disease”. Make sure to have night shelter with good ventilation and protection from predators and parasites.

This chart explains about performance of  birds in Vanaraja Chicken Farming.

Economic Trait Performance
Body weight of the birds in grams.
6 weeks 650 to 750 (grams)
@ maturity 2 kg to 2.3 kg
Egg weight ( In grams)  
28 weeks 45 grams
40 weeks 55 grams
Age of the bird @ first egg 175 days
Surviving % (up to 6 weeks) 97%

Note: For buying Vanaraja chicken eggs or day old chicks contact project directorate on poultry @ 040-24015651.The Vanaraja chicks of 1 day old (out of hatchery) cost 15 Rs. plus packing material. Payment can be done through cash or Demand Draft.

Bottom Line of Vanaraja Chicken Farming:- These birds are just like country chicken once they are under free range management after 6 weeks of age. Good profits are possible in short time due to their high egg production rate and fast growth.

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Last Updated: April 7, 2018
Author: Jagdish


  1. I am running commercial poultry farm from last 15 years, i am interested in desi chicken vanraja farming, please guide and help me, how to grow desi chicken vanraja, how much time period it will take to grow for meat purpose, i live in Chandigarh, and i am running my farm in Rajpura area, from where i get chicks easily from surrounding area, i search in google but no positive results i got, so please guide me from where the chicks can available and at what price.

  2. I am going to start vonraj chicken farming so plz provide me the contact details for purchase of day old chicken

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