Methi: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects




Botanical name

Trigonella foenum-graecum

Methi is very popularly known as Fenugreek and cultivated worldwide. It is available throughout the year; the herbal plant consists of small oblong leaflets. The growing methi leaves from its seeds are very easy as they can be grown in gardens and small pots. Methi grows within 30 days after it is sowing and therefore, roof gardening can be a good option for methi lovers. Different parts of methi such as seeds, dried and fresh leaves have been used for making curries, spice mix, and herbal supplements.

There is the famous product “KasuriMethi” is prepared by drying fresh methi leaves. The methi products have got a lot of attention from the ayurvedic community due to its several health benefits. Methi seeds are soaked in water, and it is popularly used to manage several illnesses. A warm cup of methi tea can help replace the caffeine, which can further help reduce the chances of diabetes.

Sources of Methi

Methi farming is done in many countries like China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Spain, Argentina, Turkey, France, Egypt, and Morocco. Among all the above countries, India leads the chart for growing methi as a cash crop. Different states in India grow methi throughout the year such as Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttaranchal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab.

Other Names for Methi

  • In Sanskrit, it is known as
  • In Hindi, it is known as Methi dana.
  • In Marathi, it is known as Methi.
  • In English, it is known as Fenugreek.
  • In Kannada, it is known as Menthe or Menthya.
  • In Tamil, it is known as Vendhayam.
  • In Telugu, it is known as Menthulu.
  • In Malayalam, it is known as Uluva or Venthiam.

Nutritional constituents of Methi

Methi seeds are most used in raw form and blended into different spices. Its nutritional composition is given in the below table. Percent Daily Value (DV) means that one serving of fruit or product can provide a nutrient equivalent to our daily needs.

Component Content (1 teaspoon or 11 g of Methi seeds)
Carbohydrate 6 g
Protein 3 g
Fat 1 g
Fibre 3 g
Iron 20% DV
Manganese 7% DV
Magnesium 5% DV

Health benefits of Methi

  • Methi is beneficial in the cleansing of the blood has a beneficial effect on cleansing the blood.
  • Due to methi’s strong diaphoretic property, it helps in bringing more sweat and thereby detoxifying the body.
  • Methi is known for its strong lymphatic cleansing property; it plays a significant role in irrigating the body cells with different essential nutrients and removing toxic wastes, trapped proteins, and dead cells from the body.
  • Methi helps to maintain the mucus levels of the body, and this helps in clearing the congestion.
  • Methi plays an important role in lowering the viscosity of mucous in the body, and thus it acts as a throat cleanser that helps during coughing.
  • Methi tea is prepared by soaking its seeds in warm water for sufficient time, helping to soften seeds and leaching out essential nutrients in the water. Drinking of methi tea helps in keeping away from many disorders.
  • Whenever there are colds, influenza, bronchial complaints, constipation, asthma, sinusitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, sore throat, hay fever tuberculosis, emphysema, and laryngitis methi is more effective for treating such conditions.
  • For diabetic patients, methi seeds can help to control blood sugar levels.
  • In lactating mothers, milk production is enhanced by consuming methi seeds.
  • Digestion can be improved by the daily consumption of methi seeds.
  • Consumption of methi seeds can help in maintaining body weight or weight loss.
  • Methi is good for treating sour throat, common cold, cough, and fever.
  • It is good to consume methi seeds for getting relief from menopausal discomfort.
  • For a patient who has asthma, methi seed consumption is recommended.

Methi and Diabetes

The threat of diabetes is imminent worldwide. There are many synthetic medicines available that can control diabetes, but that can lead to another problem. Therefore, finding an alternative treatment using Ayurveda can resolve this problem up to some extent. Methi may help the liver for insulin production. This further helps in regulating blood sugar levels and controls diabetes.

Methi and Obesity

It is recommended to drink the tea which is brewed with methi seeds during the morning time. This can trigger the rate of metabolism, and this further cuts down excessive body weight.

Methi and Constipation

Methi acts as an antacid for the body, which avoids stomach problems like acidity and ulcers. The soluble fiber present in methi seeds helps increase the stool’s bulking property and thereby smoothen the digestion process. For avoiding problems like bloating and constipation, methi tea can be more effective.

Methi and heart health

Drinking of tea brewed with methi seeds can help bring down the high cholesterol level, preventing hardening and blockage of the arteries.

Methi and Kidney health

Well-oxygenated blood circulation to the kidneys helps in maintaining its better health. Therefore, it is recommended to drink the methi tea regularly. This can also reduce the chances of kidney stones.

Recommended Dosage of Methi

The ayurvedic dosage of Methi varies according to its variants. Different forms of Methi products

Form Preparation Recommended dosage/ day
Seed powder Take ½ teaspoon of methi seed powder. It is taken with honey and water after meals. 2 times
Capsule Take 1 or 2 methi seed capsules with excess water after meals. 2 times
Fresh leaves Fresh methi leaves are chewed preferably with an empty stomach.
Decoction or tea Take 3 teaspoons of methi seeds and add it to the hot water. Leave it for overnight soaking. On the next day, the water is taken with an empty stomach.

Side effects and Precautions While Using Methi

  • Excess consumption of methi seeds can lead to several side effects, including headaches, stomach upset, diarrhea, dizziness, bloating, and gas.
  • There are some reports of causing nasal congestion, facial swelling coughing, wheezing, and some severe allergic reactions for sensitive people.
  • In pregnant women, it can cause deformities in the baby and sometimes early contractions.
  • Excess consumption of methi can decrease blood sugar levels to the severe levels in people with diabetes.
  • For patients suffering from low blood pressures, consumption of methi is not recommended.


Can methi improve the testosterone levels in men?

Yes, methi consumption regularly helps increase the testosterone levels in men due to its androgenic property. There are some components of methi can also help to enhance the sperm count. It may help in improving the sexual health of males.

Is methi beneficial for pregnant women?

Yes, methi is very beneficial for pregnant women since it helps to improve breast milk production. The prolactin hormone levels increase drastically after consumption of methi, which stimulates breast growth and thereby facilitates milk production.

Is methi good for the skin problems?

Yes, methi contains strong antioxidants, and thus it is good for the skin. The antioxidants in the methi can help to quench the free radicals of the body which retards or slows down aging. Lowers the level of free radicals and slows down the aging process. Methi seed paste is good for treating acne problems due to its anti-inflammatory property.


Methi is well known to everyone. Most of the people use methi as fresh and dried seeds and leaves. It is used as a herbal supplement, spice, and flavoring agent in food preparations. Methi is strongly recommended for diabetic patients. Many research studies are ongoing to tap the medicinal potential of methi and its relevant health benefits.

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