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Top 20 SEO Blogs that Pay Freelance Content Writers

As a writer, writing for SEO Blogs provides you with relevant information. You will also be associated with expert writers from the content writing market.

These  SEO blogs need articles of a high standard. Hence your proficiency in writing will increase since your goal is to give an outstanding output.

Contributing excellent and appealing articles to respectable SEO blogs could gain you a slot as a daily writer. Even your subscribers on social media will grow considerably.

This will give you a better understanding of the dos and don’ts of each blog. Prior to submitting a write-up as a guest author, you should read the instructions given in this blog post.

This is the moment to start with becoming a guest writer for blog posts. You can select from the name of blogs that you would like to write for.

Top 20 SEO Blogs That Pay Freelance Content Writers

Here is a list of SEO blogs that offer freelance content writing jobs:

1. Business  To Community

The standard procedure to submit is lengthy and there are a lot of benchmarks to overcome before becoming a writer for this blog. You need to have a look at it extensively.

One of the conditions is that all posts should be 300 words. It can include pictures and videos and have links that are outbound so that it can add to the complete know-how of the individual.

It should not contain unnecessary hyperlinks. Keywords should not be stuffed together otherwise the blog post will be turned down. There cannot be any affiliate links in the post.

It is beneficial to read previous write-ups on the blog to have an insight into posting for the SEO blog.

2. Famous Bloggers

The primary stage is to read the directions given and follow them.  Subsequently, sign up for an account on their SEO blog.

After this approach them for your login credentials. Think of a username for this blog.

Finish giving your details on the form which you will find on the instructions page. Fill in your Full Name. Adding a few links to your blog or website is also permitted.

The next step is to create a username and password. Add a photo to your personal details by uploading it.

It is compulsory to add a photo to your personal details page. The photo should only be your own image.

You can even include your social media account like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. On Twitter, you cannot use the URL but you can give your Twitter username.

For Facebook, you can add the URL of your Facebook profile. You have to give the username of your profile in Google+.

Lastly, you need to get in touch with them and give them your credentials like the username. They will add your credentials to their system. They review the information given to them so that you can post on their blog.

3. Search Engine People

Search Engine People is an SEO blog that accepts blog posts. Here the types of submissions that are approved are how-to write-ups, resource write-ups, in-depth evaluations, and bit-by-bit methods.

This blog accepts write-ups with the assistance of a form. That is the only method by which they accept the contribution.

If your write-up is elaborate you have a bigger chance of getting selected.

When you state how to do something in your post you have to give reasons and specify the points. Not doing so will lead to rejection.

4. Matthew Woodward

For this SEO blog, you should write articles of an excellent standard. You will have to write comprehensive guides and analyses to suit the writing techniques and format of this blog.

Firstly the blog requires you to contribute articles giving first-hand knowledge and having practical value.
It should be informative and/or build on the case study. It should have substantial backing with data from the real world. The writing style should be casual as if you are having a conversation with a friend.

Writing 2-3 sentences per sentence is allowed. There is no word limit.

Guest authors for this SEO blog should be well-versed in SEO, link building, content marketing, or traffic. They accept write-ups that are brimming with beneficial facts.

Write-ups or step-by-step guides should be beneficial for the readers. The word limit for writing articles is 3000 to 4000 words. You cannot write for this blog for the purpose of gaining a backlink.

6. Bloggers Required

This SEO Blog requires you to post a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 1500 words. Posts should be written in English.

The blog post should be engaging, high-quality, and fresh. A low-quality post will be rejected by the blog editors.  In case your write-up is not posted by them within 72 hours it will not be posted.

You need to put appropriate links in the article which lead to related resources. The editors will remove inappropriate links.

The editors of this SEO blog retain the authority to rewrite and refine your blog post if they find it suitable. After your blog post has been put on the blog for public viewing you have to advertise the blog post for a high amount of views.

7. Agency Analytic

Marketing consultants and agency workers are the viewers of this blog. The aim of this blog is to increase productivity and give outstanding solutions to their clients and earn a greater income.

You have to write educational posts that provide value to the readers and have to give information that is supported by actual facts and examples.

It has to be an easygoing way of writing. You can add humor to it. It should contain relevant pictures and screenshots.

Consideration will be given to 100% authentic posts. There is no minimum word limit for a post. Link spamming and affiliate links are not accepted and also a profile of the author with your site link has to be sent to them.

8. Linkody

One of the SEO blogs that pay writers is Linkody. The viewers of this blog are SEO specialists and digital agencies so your blog posts need to be appealing.

This SEO blog viewers prefer valuable how-to information, educational content, analysis of a topic, and insightful content. They dislike posts on common and boring topics and posts that have small lists that have been published numerous times.

The length of the post should be not less than 2000 words. Take measures to lead the viewers to appropriate pictures and lists where necessary.

Long-tail focus keywords should be modified. Your profile your photo and all the pictures that you have used should be submitted.

You have to link one article from the blog to your post. Your post has to be uncommon and insightful.

9. Blog Godown

Read the useful advice on guest blogging tips. If you want to write guest posts for this SEO blog then you need to follow the guidelines.

You have to fill out the contact form instead of creating an account for this SEO blog. Some of the basic guidelines to be followed are mentioned below.

The minimum word limit for this SEO blog is 500 words for a post. The post should be significant to the blog. Posts should be written on niche topics. Writers are asked to read the blog and submit their posts.

It should offer valuable insight to the readers. The content should be fresh and cannot be submitted elsewhere. The post should not have affiliate links.

In case the images used in the post are having a license then you have to give credit by linking it to the source. Write a line or two for your profile.

10. Daily SEO

This SEO Blog wants you to prepare for writing long articles with a word limit of 1000 words. You should have a verified Google+ author profile. Having already published is the second condition of this blog.

11. Local SEO Checklist

Posting for this SEO blog requires fresh, suitable, authentic, readable, and exceptional content. When your blog post is completed for consideration you can send it only in MS Word or Google Documents. It has to meet the benchmark on the guidelines page.

The article has to be innovative and engaging. It should be unique and should suit the purpose of their site. Only one link back to the writer’s site is allowed. You need to complete your profile and include a link back to your own blog.

If you are related to a company or a business and you have quoted it in your article then it should be quoted to the viewers. You should mention the attributions for any information that you use in your post in addition to but not restricted to information, quotations, and third-party citation.

There is no word limit. The post can be of any length. The post heading should be interesting and appealing.

You cannot publish the post anywhere after they publish it on their blog. There should be a minimum of one image in your post.

They don’t allow advocating for your own blog since this blog is to the viewer’s advantage. If you want to add something about yourself then you can on the profiles page. They have the authority to make changes in your post so that it is on par with the blog style and refresh for future use.

12. Smart Bloggerz

If you have the ability to write from a different perspective about SEO that is unexplored you can post on this blog. You can study the posts published on the blog.

This SEO blog wants writers to write a minimum of 600 words. The posts will be limited to this blog only. You cannot publish on other blogs.

They do not approve of a guest author who advocates affiliate goods. They allow outbound links to products and services. Critique of any service is not accepted.

Linking to other websites or blogs which is associated with the post is accepted. Too much linking is unacceptable and so is linking with inappropriate neighborhood websites.

You have to ascertain to have your personal Gravatar account connected to your email ID which will be registered on this blog.

Very few list type of post is accepted on this blog. For you, they may be easy to write but they may not make a favorable post with respect to awareness.

You have to write according to the blog guidelines. A backlink will be given where your keyword will be linked back to your blog or website.

13. SEO Nick

First, go through the published posts on this website to understand the writing style.  Next, you need to put forward your ideas by writing an email. Write 2 to 3 lines about the subject in mind.

The post has to be fresh off the mill and not be published in any other blog. The minimum number of words should be 1600. They encourage a word count of more than 2500.

The posts should have information that is well researched, having external links and sources mentioned. Links or definitive research should be provided with all claims. It is mandatory to provide 3 legal images with the post.

14. SEO Hacker

Descriptive and useful posts for SEO experts have to be written. Reading the guidelines first and then creating an account is advisable. Lastly, you can submit your post for review.

Posts should be brand new and they should be your creation. Data about a product or affiliate program or a plug for a company is not accepted.

You cannot submit a post about general ideas.  Your post should be informative so that it provides knowledge to the readers. They may make changes to the content where necessary before publishing it.

Attaching images to your post is necessary. Image acknowledgment has to be given where required. Internal links also have to be given in our posts.

Posts should be written in proper English. It should be a minimum of 1000 or it can also be more than 1000 words.

You should also reply back to the comments that you receive for your posts. Answering the comments will lead to discussions. Consequently, it will bring about more sharing on social media, which will result in more traffic and exposure.

15. Tech Maish

Firstly to ascertain that you don’t write a post that has already been published on this  SEO blog you need to look through the SEO section. Send your proposed post to them by email and wait for their response.

At this moment Tech Maish is not taking in proposals for guest writers. and bloggers who write with the aim of link-building. However, they will consider your posts if you have any information, news, or a story. You can send your article to their email address.

16. Grow Map

Firstly Grow Map SEO blog requires you to send them your pitch of the title or topic. They even ask for the links to your published blog post.

You need to name the sites that you will be linking to.  Without this data, your blog post will not be accepted.

You need to send your pitch to the topic or title.  A minimum of 3 links to your current published work has to be sent to them.

Links to related content that help their readers are acceptable. Any primary link that you want to add must be mentioned in advance.

You have to tell them the aim you want to achieve by writing for Grow Map. The reason you want to write for Grow Map has to be mentioned.

An acceptance that you have a Gravatar account has to be made. This will help them to retrieve your image by using the email address that you will work with as a guest author.

Grow Map shows the author’s profile and it is compulsory that it should contain the writer’s image and small detail of the author’s profile. It should also have your name linked to your website and all links to important social media sites.

17.  SEO Techy World

SEO Techy World wants you to go through the posts that are published on their website. This is because they do not want you to repeat the articles.

If you aspire to be published on this blog it is necessary for you to be involved in blogging.  Sending a proposal for your topic or title of the post by email is required. They want you to read the guidelines in advance.

Firstly you need to create an account on their website. They will be very grateful if you are linked to Gravatar.

This way your avatar will spontaneously be shown on Gravatar. They really appreciate writers who write a minimum of 800 words. They should be present commenting on blogs.

If they find you suitable to write for their blog then they will approach you by email. Although to get the approval you need to be well-versed in WordPress.

You need to finish your profile. Give details about yourself and add facts about yourself and your social media profiles,

You have to give consideration to how they highly value the heading of the post, SEO, and the rest of the formatting of the posts. An excerpt from your profile has to be sent to them by email. You also have to make sure to mention the social media sites you are associated with.

After your blog post gets published sharing it on social media platforms is anticipated. It is necessary to comment and share other posts on this blog. This, in turn, will assist you to grow into a participating member of their community online.

18. Search Editors

This blog has two main purposes. The first one consists of a content strategy that comprises planning and centers around web content. The second one includes copywriting which concerns creating copy that agrees with the content strategy.

This Seo blog is committed to equipping would-be copywriters with helpful material to get acquainted with the best methods and manners for copywriting. With this, they educate the would-be content writers about useful content strategies.

The search Editor appreciates if a writer wants to submit a guest post. You need to follow certain guidelines before writing for them.

You can send a sample of your writing to [email protected] If your work is dropped many times then you will be taken from the list of contributors.

19. Pole Position Marketing

This SEO blog only accepts posts that are well-written.  You need to write an extensive and relevant article for it to be accepted.

The article should be a minimum of 500 words. You need to complete the proposal page in the guidelines section of the blog.

The article has to be authentic. It should not be published on any other blog. You have to write articles that are applicable to the topic.

It should to a large extent relate to digital marketing and a minimum of 500 words

You cannot promote yourself or your blog. You can give two external links in your post.

It is necessary that you give a picture of yourself.  You also need to give a short profile of yourself in not more than 100 words.

They strategize their editorial calendar a few months ahead and line up only one guest post a week.

Your post may not be posted for a few weeks since they have a line of posts to be published. Lastly, this SEO blog wants you to share the links to your final posts on social media.

20. Intense Blog

Intense Blog is an SEO blog where they first want you to read the guidelines for the benchmark to be met for writing a guest post. You need to put forward your post or tutorial in zip format and send it by email for consideration. Your articles should be authentic which means they should not be published on any other blog.

You can send your tutorial or post in a back-formatted .zip archive with all things inclusive in it like HTML documents. All posts must be fresh and should not have been posted on any other blog. A post on cannot be posted on any other blog.

You have to use your own information or you can use information that you are authorized to use. If not then you have to give suitable acknowledgments to the owner of the content.  You have to ascertain that there is no infringement of copyright.

Your posts can contain links for giving additional resources and not for SEO and advertising. They also have the right to make changes to the post before they publish the post on their blog.

They do not approve of linking your post to affiliate products or websites that are not relevant to their readers. However, they approve of backlinks. Even adding superficial links to your post is not accepted.

Their priority is to protect the value of the site.  They receive numerous applications for guest posts every day. The maximum posts are about common subjects. Hence all posts are not permissible.


The above definitive guide will help you to choose the SEO blog which is apt for you. The brief guidelines that have been mentioned are the resources that give you an outline of the method each blog wants writers to submit their posts.

We hope that we are successful in our endeavor to help you in finding the top-paying SEO blogs that will help you to earn by writing.

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