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World’s biggest iceberg the size of MAJORCA breaks off Antarctica – now ‘floating freely’ on sea

The world’s largest iceberg as big as seven times Mumbai and three times of New Delhi breaks off the Antarctica ice shelf. Similar to the size of Majorca, the Spanish island, the picture of this enormous iceberg was taken from aircraft and satellites. While this is a situation of wonderment, it’s certainly a matter of serious concern. Antarctica’s ice sheet is warming due to climate change. This is causing glaciers to retreat and icebergs to break off. Here’s everything you need to know about the world’s largest iceberg that broke off.

Biggest Iceberg In The World Breaks Off Into Weddell Sea
The European Space Agency revealed that the world’s biggest iceberg has broken off from the frozen edge of Antarctica to the Weddell Sea. This iceberg is as large as seven times Mumbai and three times New Delhi. The gigantic size of the iceberg has made it the largest in the world. It has surpassed the size of A-23A iceberg ranging around 3880 sq km in size. This is also situated in the Weddell Sea. Accoridng to the European Space Agency, the Iceberg A-76 has sheared off the western part of the Ronne Ice Shelf. And it’s currently floating on the Weddell Sea. The agency reports that this iceberg is around 170 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide.

Global Warming Resulting In Glacier Concerns
Antarctica is facing the repercussions of global warming. Glaciers are retreating around the Weddell Sea, ice fragments are breaking and floating until they hit the ground. Last year, a huge iceberg sheared off in South Georgia. Scientists speculated the iceberg might hit an island inhabited by penguins and sea lions. Fortunately, the iceberg broke off into pieces. Apart from Antarctica, Greenland is also facing issues like the melting of ice sheets and land based glaciers. Global warming and climate change shouldn’t be taken lightly. The breaking off glaciers from across the world is a warning signal. To help protect the environment Bengaluru has a zero waste juice bar.

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