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Land Rover launches the Defender Eco Home

It would be nice to be able to tour again, however in a completely different way from what we have been used to. A way that is in perfect harmony with the second we are experiencing, the health emergency, which in recent months has not allowed us to discover the wonders of our Italy.

Land Rover Italia is willing to make us stay a different, safe and completely “eco” experience. A journey completely immersed in Italian beauties but barring having to book airplanes, trains or even hotels, because Land Rover collectively with its partner Airbnb has launched the eco home ; a cell home pulled by the new Defender.

A project in tune with our planet, created for the Defender, the Land Rover brand icon par excellence, with a hybrid engine, unstoppable arriving where others do not.

It respects eco-sustainability, it’s built with waste from grape processing, completely autonomous, thanks to the solar panels placed on the roof. The external structure in polycarbonate and recycled fiberglass, interiors in eco-leather and a lined false ceiling in a fabric capable of purifying the air.

The eco home will be in a position to arrive in unusual places, immersed in the greenery of our country, with the possibility of tasting the products of excellence of the territory, visiting starred restaurants, making the experience magical whilst breathing the ecosystem of nature with outdoor things to do .

An adventure, with routes suggested through the Land Rover team that test the car’s undisputed overall performance capabilities.

The first stop of the ten selected places is Sicily, where our Defender begins his adventure visiting the breathtaking places of the peninsula, concluding the first segment of the journey in Sardinia. This is only one of the many journeys proposed by the Defender Eco Home which will continue to provide the brand’s clients new adventures.

A project born in the Land Rover home relying on major vital partners such as Airbnb, Acqua Filette and Grown Alchemist, making the trip completely eco-friendly and made in Italy.

Giacomo Trova, Country Manager of Airbnb Italia, declares: “We are happy to participate in a project that perfectly represents our values: the pastime in sustainability, the commitment to promote travel destinations that are outdoor mass tourism , but above all, the search for the forte of the experience. An authentic travel idea that responds to the growing demand for travel that gives direct contact with nature, after months spent in front of the screens”.

A project that makes it clear that Land Rover is in tune with all of us, close to us, influencing

our expectations and changing the order of our priorities.

Who would not prefer to live an experience, traveling in their personal car, through the wonders that the Italian territory offers us in complete safety?

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