IDP Study Abroad App – Researching and applying to world-class institutions is now faster, easier


High-recommended for international education aspirants, the IDP Study Abroad App helps them identify their dream institutions and courses on their mobile devices.

An AI-Engine powers the app to personalize the experience for each student, based on what they search for, view, like, or save on their account. The app provides real-time information about the student’s university or institution application progress. 

Students can use the app to navigate through various courses and access important information about their preferred institutions. Additionally, the app allows users to track their application status from anywhere while they search for their dream course. It has over 1300+ certified counselors to guide students with their educational and career aspirations. 

IDP Study Abroad App – Key Benefits for Students

  • Explore a wide range of courses and institutions 
  • AI-powered course suggestions best suited to a student’s profile 
  • Track real-time notifications on the application activity on mobile 

The addition to IDP’s digital suite – IDP already operates a fully-operational virtual office – will change how students can access information and seek career counseling to realize their study abroad goals. You can download the IDP Study Abroad app on Apple App Store or Google Play for free.