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Jamf Offers A Solution For Companies Distributing Hardware To WFH Employees

Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management (AEM), announced its new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering today. Jamf is a tool used by schools and businesses to manage Apple devices. By focusing on privacy, organizations will be able to manage and secure personal devices brought to work.

“The modern work world has changed dramatically in that people work from anywhere and everywhere. Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf, reports that employees rely on personal devices to access company resources. Consequently, organizations are now revisiting BYOD and seeking to strike a balance between organizational security needs and end-user privacy.

Jamf also uses Apple’s Service Discovery, a feature that simplifies account-based user enrollment. On a single device, users can have a separate Apple ID for personal use and a Managed Apple ID for business use. Managing Apple IDs involves securing corporate data and allowing companies to set configurations with limited control.

With Jamf’s BYOD program through Service Discovery, a number of improvements are made. Data is more secure because there is no organizational URL, therefore phishing is less likely to occur. IT admins can still manage and secure corporate accounts, and employees’ personal data is kept separate from work. Even enrolling is easier with just a few clicks.

Through its Business and Enterprise plans, Jamf offers its offering for free on iPhone and iPad. In the case of those not enrolled, each device costs $6 per year.

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