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Who is C418? Minecraft’s German Composer

Minecraft would’ve been a very different experience if not for C418

With news of the upcoming Minecraft movie, mentions of the game have skyrocketed. This game has remained at the top of the table ever since its inception, and players from all over the world are heavily immersed in it. C418 was responsible for composing the Minecraft soundtrack, which contributed greatly to the success of the game.

Sound effects and soundtracks can make the difference between a good game and a great game. These are more important to players’ immersion in the game, the better they are. In the online music community, C418 is known as Daniel Rosenfeld and C418. German composer responsible for the sound design and original soundtrack to Minecraft. He was also responsible for writing and producing the Beyond Stranger Things Theme.

C418 has been a part of the Minecraft project since its inception and worked closely with Markus Persson on creating what Minecraft has become today. Daniel Rosenfeld had complete creative freedom when coming up with the sound effects and sound tracks for the game, according to Lifewire.

Aside from Minecraft – Volume Alpha and Minecraft – Volume Beta, C418 has also released two other Minecraft albums. Volume Alpha had a physical release, as well as a vinyl release, which is not easy to find nowadays. The Volume Beta was only a digital release. Each of these albums consists of all the work he has done in the game, and both of these albums have been lauded by millions of players. Volume Alpha contained 24 tracks and Volume Beta contained 30 tracks, as well as a few bonus soundtracks.

Also, as mentioned before, he was responsible for writing and producing the Beyond Stranger Things Theme. His album also features a collaboration with famed music producer, deadmau5. The song is called ‘mau5cave’ and it was included in C418’s ‘Seven Years of Server Data’ album.


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