7-Seat Jeep Compass Could Be Named Meridian, Title Trademarked

FCA has received the trademark for the title ‘Meridian,’ which could be Jeep India’s new 7-seat SUV’s official name.
It is reasonably well-known that Jeep has been working on a 3-row SUV based on the Compass. The vehicle was also caught testing in India (at Lonavala) by early June, but it was camouflaged from bonnet to tailgate.
Nonetheless, its Compass-derived profile very much gave its identity away. But, that is not to say the upcoming Jeep SUV will look precisely like the Compass.

Upfront, everything from the grille to the headlights, bumper, and fog lamps will all be new or restyled to look different, while along the sides, the car will be visibly longer with more oversized rear doors, greenhouse, and new rims.

However, at the rear, it will bear no resemblance to the Compass. The Jeep Meridian will be given a new tailgate with a larger rear windscreen, new tail lamps, and a restyled bumper.
Although no interior image of the SUV is available, Jeep had only recently upgraded the Compass, so it would make sense if it used the same dashboard design and equipment list.

However, there could be more features on offer to justify the premium the Meridian will command over the 5-seat Compass price. Also, the 3-row SUV should be offered in 6- and 7-seater variants.

Powering the model should be the same 2.0-liter diesel engine that does duty on the Compass. But, Jeep is expected to tune it to put out 200 HP for the Meridian. But, the gearbox options (6-speed manual and 9-speed auto) should be carried forward as is.

With the Jeep Meridian trademark obtained, the carmaker is expected to waste no time bringing the model to the market.