New Gen Urus To Be All-Electric, But It Won’t Be Lambo’s First EV

Supercar manufacturer Lamborghini will launch its first electric car in 2028, and it will be a 4-seat crossover that will precede the next-generation, pure-electric Urus SUV.

President and CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, has said the company’s first electric car would be radically different to that of any model to have worn the famous bull badge.

According to Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s first electric car will have more ground clearance than a normal vehicle. Everything from the body style, volumes, and pricing will be decided this year, and development will begin by the end of the year.

One major decision that the Italian marque has to make is whether or not to develop the platform or buy it from the vast group it is part of. It is likely that the first Lamborghini electric car will use an updated version of the Artemis platform that Audi is currently developing.

The only cars Lamborghini has made with more than 2 seats since the 80s are the LM002 and Urus.

It needs to be updated because the platform will be put to use right from 2024 when the all-electric A8 goes on sale. Four years is too big a gap in the current automotive world to make use of a platform without carrying out changes.

Lamborghini’s chief also stated that the company’s first electric car will be “less affected by the purist approach” the company takes concerning its supercar business.

The pure-electric, second-generation Urus will make its global debut about a year after the electric crossover arrives. Winkelmann confirmed the next Urus will be “a completely new car” which will not have a petrol variant.

It is likely that the current Urus will see major revisions to its styling, both on the outside and inside, and to its powertrain in the near future to stay relevant until its replacement arrives in 2029.

The first-generation Urus will be hybridized in 2024, like the successors of the Aventador and Huracan, after Lambo launches its first hybrid supercar in 2023.