Tork Kratos EV to be Unveiled This Month


Tork Motorcycles is preparing to launch the Kratos electric motorcycle in the last week of January.

Previously known as the Tork T6X, the Tork Kratos has been under development for six years. Several delays have occurred since the T6X was introduced in 2016, but the company announced in October 2021 that production ready bikes will be available in the near future.

  • Made-in-India electric motorcycle 
  • formerly known as the T6X 
  • scheduled for delivery by March 2022

Tork Kratos: features

Kratos is a made-in-India EV combining a proprietary lithium ion battery pack with an axial flux motor that’s claimed to offer the highest peak power and range. At launch, we’ll see the specifications.

Among other things, the Tork Kratos will also feature an operating system that aids power management, monitors real-time power consumption, and collects trip data.

Tork Kratos: Different from the T6X

It is no secret that Tork Motorcycle’s T6X has gone through multiple iterations, with most of the bodywork on the initial bikes coming from the Yamaha FZ-16. The Tork Kratos, on the other hand, is a completely new motorcycle with new bodywork, split seats, LED lights, and a redesigned frame.

According to the company, the bigger battery translates into more range and the fast charger allows for quick battery recharges. The 2016 Tork T6X had a range of 100km and a top speed of 100kph.

Tork Kratos: Bookings and deliveries

Bookings for the Tork Kratos will be available online following the launch. Deliveries are said to begin in March.