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Amristar Has A Tree Ambulance & Clinic Service To Cure Unhealthy Plants & Trees

When people get sick, they are rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and then cured of their illnesses in a hospital. But what about ailing plants and trees? Scorched, neglected, rotting and chopped down, plants, trees and tiny saplings need care and attention as well. ‘The Green Man of India’, IRS officer Rohit Mehra has come to their rescue. He has set up a unique tree ambulance and clinic service for unhealthy plants and trees in Amritsar. And has shown us the way to care for them.

Green Man of India, Rohit Mehra Sets Up Unique Tree Ambulance In Amritsar
IRS officer Rohit Mehra’s life mission of sustainability has been a source of inspiration for many Indians. He had failed his 12th-grade exams in his past, but he wished to move ahead of his failure and persisted hard to pass his exam and even complete his Civil Services in 2004. After many years of hard work as a civil servant, Rohit decided to dedicate a part of his life to sustainability and the environment. Speaking to the media, Rohit said that they have collaborated with leading experts like botanists and tree lovers to provide the nourishments that different plants require. He also added that trees also have a life, as proven by our scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose.

He Created 75 Human Made Forests
Mehra’s initiative has been the world’s first tree hospital which provides hospitality with healing solutions for all trees and saplings. They also include difficult procedures such as tree transplants as well. His noble initiative has brought forth a lot of success as he has successfully created 75 human-made forests. Panning across India, the ‘mini forests range from 2,000 square feet to 66,000 square feet in area in about three years. This tree ambulance and clinic service will heal rotting and unhealthy plants and trees in the city.

Nature lovers, if this story has inspired you to make the world a greener place, then here are few amazing treehouses across the world, where you must plan a stay.

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