Is It Safe To Charge Phones Overnight? Battery Myths Busted

Many people have misconceptions about how to use phone batteries, how often they should be charged, and how to get the longest life out of them. Unfortunately, most online searches produce inaccurate or misleading results. Smartphones are built with protective features to protect their batteries and internal components.

Overheating can damage phones, which is why people are concerned about charging them overnight. When you first plug in or use a wireless charger, your phone will charge quickly. As a result, you will not have to wait long if you only need a little extra juice. Although, for a while, charging will slow down and eventually halt when the battery level reaches 100%.

The battery will slowly deplete because it stops charging at 100%. It will sip a small bit of power to return to 100 percent once it drops to 99 percent again. The cycle will continue until the power is turned off. Thus, the phone is never overcharged, yet it is charged continuously.
Keeping an eye on your battery is the best way to avoid overcharging. In this way, you will be able to stay within the suggested margins of 30 to 80 percent and extend the life of the product. Instead of leaving your phone to charge slowly through the night, fully charge your phone before going to bed or after waking up.