Pandemic Productivity: Know the secret to keep your dining table always organised

Are you bored of trying to clear your dining table up each time you have to have a meal? Is your dining table filled with random stuff that definitely doesn’t belong there? Then it seems like you might need help! Since the dining table is the simplest place to keep anything that comes your way, it is mostly filled with useless items.

Keeping your dining table organized can always be hard and tricky. So we have for you some easy tricks to keep it clutter-free and tidy all the time and eat your meals in style without having to clear the mess up every time you sit down to eat!

Have a routine to use the dining table. Sure, in every house, the dining table isn’t used to have meals. It is also used for creating a project, working on the laptop, or attending an online class. At such times, you should stick to a routine when using the dining table for other things. This will ensure that you don’t use it for any other purpose and keep it tidy when having a meal.

The dining table is the center of the dining room. It is only natural to unconsciously keep stuff like papers, bills, keys, or any other random stuff on it. So keep a basket or a tray near the dining table so that when it is time to eat, you can shift the stuff which is on the table in the basket.

Another way to keep your dining table organized and to beautify it is to add a table runner. It is great in protecting the table’s surface and adds character to an otherwise dull table.

Apart from adding a table runner, get in the habit of setting up the table before meals to get rid of the utilitarian vibe and get your table meal-ready. You can also add a centerpiece like a candle stand or a flower vase to set the mood for a stylish and luxurious meal.