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Should You Buy A Travel Insurance Cover During COVID-19 Pandemic? Everything To Know!

India has seen the most horrific face of COVID-19 in the past few months. No one would have imagined that India would be on the knife edge of the pandemic and citizens would be gasping for breath. Travelling obviously remains a far car during this time especially when most countries have imposed travel bans on India. But with the rollout of vaccines, there is some glimmer at the end of the tunnel. And despite the turbulent travel conditions, certain countries have reopened their borders for tourists and you might consider venturing out. Knowing that travel could be risky during this time, do you still need travel insurance?

What Does Domestic Travel Insurance Cover?
Travel insurance gives you coverage against the uncertain risks whilst traveling. And during these uncertain times, it becomes even more important to buy travel insurance. Under Domestic Travel Insurance, the policy will cover the risks involved within the country and travel reimbursements in case of flight cancellations and health emergencies.

What Benefits Can You Avail With International Travel Insurance?
Under International Travel Insurance, you get coverage on the loss of baggage or passport, loss of debit/credit cards in travel, delay of certain cancellation of flights, medical outlay, and other emergencies till you safely return to your home country. Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Travel Insurance Covers For Coronavirus.

Should You Buy A Travel Insurance During The Pandemic?
We are in midst of a global crisis and travel insurance becomes an absolute necessity. In case you contract COVID-19, many travel insurance companies like Policybazaar will cover emergency hospitalisation but not isolation or quarantine. So, if you are in quarantine or isolation, you have to bear the costs yourself. But at least you can breathe a sigh of relief that your medical costs will be taken care of. You will get cashless hospitalisation if needed.

Also, premiums could be higher for international travel because of the high risk involved during this time. That said travel insurance is like a safety net to cover the iffy health risks especially when you are travelling to unknown terrains and far-off countries.

Which Travel Insurance Policy Should You Buy?
Before you buy a policy, be sure to understand what the company has in store for you. Many companies give you 15 days to review the policy and understand the covers. If you want more from your policy offerings, you can request a refund after 15 days. If you are buying insurance particularly for pandemic concerns, make sure to opt for ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ (CFAR) add-on to avail flight and hotel cancellation benefits.

Watch out for this space for more information on travel insurance policy.

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