Caffeine Myths To Avoid – 4 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe


Coffee is bad for you, don’t drink it too much. Switch to tea instead. Every coffee lover has heard this line from their overly-caring relatives or friends, who themselves are tea addicts, at least once in their lives, and we can’t help but agree with whatever they say.

Many non-coffee lovers have an impression about coffee, but it won’t be incorrect to say that most of those notions are nothing more than myths.

Here are 4 caffeine myths you should never believe.

Myth 1: Caffeine is addictive

Fact: Itni coffee mat piyaa karo, aadat ho jayegi (don’t drink so much coffee, you will get addicted to it). This is one of the most popular lines among tea lovers. Research has not shown that caffeine can make you addicted if you ingest it in moderation. In addition, since caffeine stimulates your nervous system and improves concentration, you might feel a slight dependence if you consume it regularly. Even if you only have one cup of coffee during the day, you will not become dependent on it.

Myth 2: Caffeine causes cancer

Fact: It has no scientific basis. In fact, many experts believe caffeine may prevent certain forms of cancer.

Myth 3: Caffeine is only bad

Fact: Quite the contrary, caffeine has several health benefits. You’ll be able to concentrate better, you’ll feel more energetic, you can relieve headaches, and you’ll be clear-headed.

Myth 4: Women who are trying to conceive should avoid caffeine

Fact: Having said that, doctors do suggest pregnant women should drink caffeine in limited quantities, but there is no evidence to suggest that women trying to conceive should avoid it. Experts have suggested that there is no direct link between caffeine and fertility. It is safe to consume caffeine in limited quantities before or during pregnancy unless you suffer from complications.

If you are a coffee lover, you can breathe a sigh of relief. When they try to stop you from drinking your daily cup of coffee, make them read about it a bit more.