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Awesome Health Benefits of Onions

Onions are parts of the Allium genus of flowering plants, including garlic, shallots, leeks, and chives. The scientific name of Onions is Allium cepa.

These vegetables include several vitamins, minerals, and potent plant compounds that have been shown to improve health in several ways.

In fact, the medicinal characteristics of onions have been identified since ancient times, when they were used to heal ailments like headaches, heart disease, and mouth sores. 

Checkout the impressive health benefits of onions.

Onion is very famous throughout the world due to its multiple uses in preparing different food dishes. In the case of Onion, it is well-known that most people get tears in their eyes after cutting the whole Onion, but Onion helps fight various diseases. Onion belongs to the family of lily, which is a very much affordable vegetable that has immense health benefits. Different types of Onion are varied with different sizes, shape, colour, taste, and flavour. The most famous varieties of onions are white, yellow, and red colour.

The taste of Onion varies from sweet and juicy to spicy, sharp, and aromatic. These properties of Onion depend on the season in which it is grown and consumed. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) survey, China is the largest producer in the world. Onion has different health benefits, such as reducing the risk of different types of cancers, helps to improve the mood, and maintain skin and hair health. Onions contain a high amount of vitamin C, biotin, folate, chromium, and calcium.

Quercetin is found in Onion’s high concentration, and it has powerful antioxidant potential that helps to blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and triglycerides. Onion’s antioxidant also helps prevent blood clots, asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, diabetes, and atherosclerosis.

Source of Onion

Onion is widely cultivated in India. In all states of India, Onion is grown by farmers during Kharif and rabi crop synched depending on the geographical location and depending on weather conditions. According to the statistics of 2019, China is the largest producer of Onion in the world; it contributes about 22% of total world onion production. Other than India and China, countries like Japan, South Korea and Mali are a secondary producer of Onion.

Synonyms for Onion

  • In Hindi, it is known as pyaaj.
  • In Marathi, it is known as Kāndā.
  • In Telugu, it is known as Ullipāya.
  • In Tamil, it is known as Veṅkāyam.
  • In Malayalam, it is known as uḷḷi.

Nutrient composition of Onion 

The proximate composition of Onion per serving is given below (raw white onion variety).

Nutrients g per ½ cup serving
Total calories 32
Carbs 7 g
Protein 1 g
Fat 0 g
Dietary fiber 1 g
Total sugars 3 g

Other than the proximate ingredients, Onion is also a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, and copper, which has several health benefits.

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Health Benefits and Traditional uses of Onion

Onion and Cancer

Some reports showed that Onion’s consumption helps protect from cancer; this is due to the solid antioxidant profile of Onion. The recent research article published in the Journal of American Clinical Nutrition proved a strong connection between the usage of Onion in diet and lowering the risk of cancer. Onion helps to trigger the pathways that help to promote the pathways that push cancer cells to undergo apoptosis.

Onion and gut health

Onion contains a perfect dietary fiber, i.e., Inulin, which is also prebiotic. It helps to promote the growth of probiotics present in the gut to support gut health. To manage constipation problems, regulate blood sugar levels, improve bone mineral density and effective nutrient absorption, the Inulin of Onion plays an important role.

Onion and Bone health

Onion is an excellent source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. Quercetin is the significant antioxidant present in Onion which helps to quench the free radicals produced by the body during physical stress and prevent bone damage from free radicals. Onion also helps in Osteoclast, which is the breaking of bones. Onion’s essential bioactive component is Allicin, which contains sulphur that helps to strengthen the collagen in the bone. For women’s suffering from hip fracture problems, eating onions is beneficial to resolve issues up to a certain extent.

Onion for Hypertension problems

Quercetin in Onion is very good for improving heart health due to its antioxidant power. It is recommended to include a small amount of Onion in the daily diet as it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory property of Onion is essential for ensuring the smooth passage of food particles through the blood vessels; this is also helpful for preventing the clogging problems with fatty acids or substances and cholesterol. This will help in avoiding atherosclerosis and thereby hypertension or high blood pressure problems.

Onion and lowering of cholesterol

Alliinase is an enzyme present in Onion that helps in reducing cholesterol levels to prevent further heart-related problems. A good indication of Alliinase release from The Onion is when you cut them into the slices, and this will make you cry. The conjugated forms of sterols quercetin synergistically work with the saponins to reduce cholesterol levels and further improves heart health.

Onion and Anti-ageing

Onion contains potent antioxidants and flavonoids. It is a natural property of flavonoids and antioxidants to scavenge the free radicals from the body. This helps reduce skin cell damage, reduce wrinkle problems, and slow down the ageing signs. The sulphur-containing component in the Onion, i.e., Allicin, triggers collagen synthesis to fight against premature ageing.

Onion for Diabetes

Onion contains myriad sulphur compounds that work wonderfully in controlling sudden spikes in blood sugar in diabetes and prediabetes. The dietary fiber content of Onion helps to satiate appetite, digestion of food that helps to prepare a healthy diet plan to reduce the chances of diabetes. The antioxidants present in Onion influences the pancreas to the synthesis of insulin and helps to keep the blood glucose level at the limit.

Onion and acne problems

Onion juice has antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which help to clean or clear the acne marks, lowers inflammation and redness problems. The leading cause of acne or pimples is bacterial and fungal infection; therefore, it is recommended to apply the onion juice onto the face and stay for 15 min to get relief from the acne problems.

Onion and Men infertility 

Infertility is nowadays a significant problem in most couples. Infertility could be due to poor development of sperm, reduced quality of sperm, and reduced production of sperm. It is reported in the research that intake of a sufficient number of antioxidants, vitamins A, E, B, and C-rich diet helps in improving the overall quality and quantity of sperms. Onions are an excellent source of antioxidants and flavonoids that helps to enhance the production of sperm quantity and count. There are reports which show that fresh onion juice is good for improving the sperm count, percentage of viability, and motility of sperm.

The recommended dosage of Onion

The ayurvedic dosage of Onion varies according to its variants of different forms of Onion products.

Product Preparation Dosage/ Day
Oil Take five drops of Onion oil and apply it onto the scalp before sleeping. Wash hairs the following day using shampoo. Once a week
Juice Take 2-3 peeled Onions and chop them to the smaller size. Take chopped Onion and grind it into the juicer grinder. Strain the Onion juice. Dilute Onion juice before using. NA

Precautions while taking Onion supplements and products

  • Onion contains sulfur compounds that have antithrombotic activity. Therefore, the patients should avoid intake of Onion before surgery as it increases bleeding risk.
  • Excess intake of Onion in diet may sometimes lead to thinning of the blood.
  • There are lots of indigestible fibres present in the Onion that could lead to digestive problems.


Is Onion responsible for Stomach upset?

Yes, an excess amount of onion consumption can lead to Stomach upset. Onion contains indigestible fibers that interfere with the normal digestion process.

What is the reason for crying when I cut the Onion?

After cutting Onion into the slices that produce lachrymatory factor enriched gas. This gas, when in contact with the eyes, creates and irritation. When irritation in the eyes, tears are produced.

Is Onion consumption suitable for male?

Yes, Onion consumption is good for male health. Onion juice contains lots of antioxidants, and thus they help to increase their levels in the body. The antioxidant helps to scavenge the free radicals produced in the body during stress conditions. This will help to improve the sperm quantity and its quality.

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Onions are good for health, and they help boost your immune system to keep your body healthy and strong. Onion helps prevent different types of cancers such as Stomach, prostate, colon, breast, bladder, and lung. Onion contains valuable sulfur compounds which help strengthen the immune system, nervous system, and brain. The bioactive compounds of Onions help treat bacterial infections, colds, coughs, and bronchial spasms.

Disclaimer: The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation.

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