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Best Free Game Launcher for Windows PC

There was a time when games used to be scattered all over our home screen. Then came the era of game launchers. These launchers allow the user to download and install games, keep the game updated, and sprinkle a lot of their own features here and there, such as the ability to fix any corrupted games. In this article, we brought to you a list of some of the best free Game Launchers for Windows 11/10 PC.

Does Windows have a game launcher?

Yes, there are a lot of free game launchers available for Windows. However, if you are looking for a built-in preinstalled one, then there is no such app available. But we can ensure that the apps mentioned below are good enough to make you forget the need for a preinstalled launcher. They don’t even consume a lot of space, so, they are worth giving a shot.

Best Free Game Launchers for Windows PC

Following is the list of the best free Game Launchers that you can download and install.

  1. GOG Galaxy
  2. Razer Cortex
  3. LaunchBox
  4. Playnite
  5. Steam
  6. Radeon Software
  7. GeForce Experience
  8. Origin
  9. Ubisoft Connect
  10. Epic Games

Let’s get started with the first launcher.

1] GOG Galaxy

Let us begin with the first free game launcher, GOG Galaxy. GOG Galaxy is a game launcher that provides you with a one-stop shop for all the games available at the GOG store. You just have to go to the launcher and type the game title in the search bar. Boom! There is your game, download, install and enjoy.

You can also access games from other platforms, Epic games stores, origins, Uplay, included.

2] Razer Cortex

If you want an all-rounder game launcher, try your hands on Razer Cortex. A game and system performance booster, system cleaner, and not to forget, a game launcher. And to top it off, it’s a universal game launcher, i.e., you can launch the installed games, even it is from another launcher.

Razer Cortex has its drawback and not many customization features for the library is the one. But getting the best deals on games subdue the minor drawback. This launcher is worth installing if you want to get games and at the same time spare some money. This app is available on

3] LaunchBox

The initially DOSBox emulator front end, LaunchBox, has integrated more features to its stacks. It allows you to play previously downloaded games. LaunchBox is pretty flexible, you can set the settings as well as customize it as per your likes.

The game lack automation features, so, you have to add all the game manually. This can be frustrating and is a big letdown as most apps have good automation and save a lot of your time and energy. However, it is still worth a look, go to and download the application.

4] Playnite

Presenting you, Playnite, a game launcher containing a nice set of features. In this, you can scan the games on your device get a nice combination of features with a user-friendly UI. You will get not only a launcher but also emulators.

You won’t have issues in playing retro games. It has customizable themes, easily transferable stats from GOG Galaxy, Steam, and many more, Therefore, it is one of the best launchers you can get. Get the app from

5] Steam

Steam is a place for gamers who would love to buy games and organize them. The launcher has been in the market for quite some time so I wouldn’t be surprised if you are using it already. Steam allows you to keep an eye on game updates, achievements, screenshots, and many more.

It also allows you to add games from other launchers, although hard but not impossible. The best thing about Steam is the fact that it allows you to easily fix corrupted games. Just go to your Library, right-click on the game you want to fix, and select Properties. Then, go to the Local Files tab and click Verify the Integrity of Game Files.

Apart from that, if you just wanted a simple, uncomplicated, safe game launcher, then Steam is the right destination. To download Steam launcher go to

6] Radeon Software

AMD users can definitely go for Radeon Software. It can help you to tweak universal Graphics settings, get driver updates, track performance, optimize the game, and many more.

We can’t forget launching bits now. Radeon Software shows your preinstalled games, and you can launch them with AMD display settings. The app comes preinstalled with your computer, but you can also download it from

7] GeForce Experience

If you are looking for something like Radeon Software, but for Nvidia graphics driver then GeForce Experience got you. Just like Radeon software, you can tweak universal graphics settings, update drivers, and many more.

It’s a universal game launcher for NVIDIA users, therefore all your previously downloaded games will also be available. GeForce Experience has an organized library that shows games in grid view with box art and its information.

It is a launcher that allows you to automatically optimize the graphics settings for all the games with one click. Also if you like to capture and record screenshots and broadcast live gameplay to social sites then this launcher is giving you that. Download the app from

8] Origin

Electronic Arts creation, Origin, is one of the best free launchers from where you can easily get the game. It has many features such as integrating friends, in-game overlay, profile management.

The developers worked hard on the launcher and made it reach new heights. It has integrated cloud game saves, auto-patching, achievement, and many more. In Origin, you can integrate social sites like Facebook, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, etc.

Downloading the game the umpteenth number of times after purchase is what users love the most. So if don’t want to get restrictions on the number of downloads then is the site you need to visit.

9] Ubisoft Connect

As you may already know, Ubisoft is a game developer, and Ubisoft Connect is their foot in the world Game launchers. You can integrate Ubisoft games with it, and it gives you an environment to play the game smoothly. If you want to download Ubisoft Connect, go to

10] Epic Games

If you love Epic Games’ Fortnite, you can download it through Epic Games’ launcher. Here, you can get all the video games and software developed by Epic Game. And its availability of downloads isn’t restricted to the Epic Game creation only, and you can download Unreal Engine creations too. To download the launcher go to

That’s it!

Which launcher is best for gaming?

All the game launchers mentioned in this article are good, but it is not easy, almost impossible to pick the best out of them. There are very few launchers that can integrate games from all the major developers, and if you are an avid game, you know that it is not practical to play games from just one developer. So, we would recommend that you read the descriptions of all the apps and then install a couple of them. Since they are free, you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting money. This way, you can play games from all the major brands.

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