In October 2021, Myth of Empires Beta will be Released


Myth of Empires is a multiplayer sandbox game that puts players in the middle of a world torn apart by war. Players will build massive fortresses, siege enemy cities, and lead armies into battle, but there is also a strong survival element that will require strategic thinking in order to prevent hunger, weather, and more from determining victory or defeat.

Myth of Empires still does not have a release date, but developer Angela Game has announced a global beta test from October 2 to October 10, 2021. Interested gamers can register now via Steam’s Playtest function for a chance to participate in the first global beta test following the closed alpha and localization alpha tests earlier this year.

In Myth of Empires, players are required to “survive and earn their place in a world torn apart by war, build fortresses, lead armies in massive battles, capture enemy cities, and establish their own empires! Although Myth of Empires is relatively unknown in the crowded survival sandbox genre, it offers a realistic style, a wide variety of content, and a challenging gameplay style that might make it a dark horse hit like Valheim.

Meg Liang, Producer at Angela Game and Project Director at T’ien-Kung Studio, says, “This beta test is one step closer to the Myth of Empires experience we have long envisioned.” It is our first global beta test and the biggest yet. We can’t wait to see how players respond to all of the new gameplay and improvements we’ve put in the game.”

Players will get to experience Myth of Empires’ tactical combat, crafting system, which allows them to craft dozens of different weapon and armor types, guild system, PvE and PvP servers, and much more during the beta.

Aside from custom structures, you will be able to build siege weapons such as ballistas, catapults, trebuchets, and siege ladders during your quest to take over enemy fortresses. You’ll also be able to recruit NPCs by “peaceful means or by force,” and you’ll be able to have them collect resources, craft items, hunt, or fight with you.

Horses can be tamed to be ridden in battle or bred to create new steeds that suit your playstyle in Myth of Empires. A lot of other animals will also be scattered throughout the game’s map, including elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, butterflies, and fish.

To join the closed beta, head to Myth of Empire’s Steam page and Request Access before October 2 – 10 and see if Myth of Empire can face off with such juggernauts as New World as one of 2021’s best new games.