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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Showcases Expansion’s New Area

The new video for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak previews the new key locale that players will be able to explore in the expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released soon by Capcom. Since only a few new monsters have been revealed in Sunbreak, fans may expect news and announcements more often from the development team. Recently, the devs are unveiling more details about the upcoming content, including the new key locale. In a short video, Capcom gave players a glimpse at the brand-new world that they will be able to explore in the game’s expansion.

Monster Hunter fans probably consider the variety of monsters to be the biggest reason to play the game, but experiencing new maps or areas in every new title likely adds its own charm. Maps in Monster Hunter Rise have virtually no loading screens, making exploration and hunting more enjoyable. With Sunbreak, the new key locale will likely offer a lot more in terms of new Monster Hunter endemic life to utilize, and interesting secrets to discover.

Capcom shared a video tour of Sunbreak’s new area The Citadel on its social media channels for Monster Hunter Rise. Sunbreak’s flagship elder dragon Malzeno was previously teased as the key location. The footage shows the Castle Ruins, an iconic landmark in the area. Sunbreak players likely remember this as the main setting for the fight with the Malzeno when it was first announced. According to the video, hunters will see how nature has taken over the area and how the new monsters contribute to creating The Citadel’s eerie atmosphere.

Capcom revealed that The Citadel will have its own unique ecology. New small Monster Hunter: Sunbreak monsters will be introduced in the Citadel. The key locale will also feature a variety of biomes, including frozen lands and poisonous swamps that hunters will have to traverse. The series is known for placing monsters in environments that fit their biology, so these biomes are likely to play a key role in the additional monsters the development team will add to Sunbreak.

Fans are likely hoping Capcom will add more of their favorite monsters into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The launch is still a few months away, so the development team has plenty of time to make new announcements and reveals. Hopefully, several of them will appease the crowd’s demand for their beloved monsters to make a comeback in the latest title.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for PC and Switch, and Sunbreak will release on June 30.

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