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Tower Of Fantasy Black Gold: How To Get & Spend

MMORPG Tower of Fantasy features a plethora of currencies in its anime-infused sci-fi adventure. Some several items and weapons can be purchased with Black Gold, one of these currencies. You can also use these items to upgrade your SR and SSR weapons. Several players are unable to earn or spend this item because they can’t get their hands on it. In Tower of Fantasy, you can get and spend Black Gold by following our guide.

How to Get Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy

Every time you obtain a Gold Nucleus in TOF, you will receive a Black Gold. Gold Nucleus can also be used for gacha pulls to obtain this currency. In addition to that, you also get a Black for every time you use the Gold Nucleus for opening a Password cache. If you have trouble finding Gold Nucleus, check out our guide on all the Gold Nucleus farming locations. You get Black Gold each time you findreceive, or use Gold Nuclei.

For more information on how to spend Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy, scroll down to the end of this article.

What to Do with Black Gold in TOF

Black Gold can be used to upgrade your weapons, as mentioned earlier. Which ones should be upgraded?

  • As an SR weapon is more common than SSR weapons, we suggest prioritizing upgrading the SSR weapons.
  • You can also upgrade these weapons by purchasing their duplicates in exchange for Black Gold.
  • If you are looking to purchase duplicate SSR weapons, you can get them for 120 Black Gold. Alternatively, you can also buy the duplicates of SR weapons for 35 Black Gold.
  • Once you have maxed out an SR weapon by upgrading them, you get a Black Gold.
  • Thus, the more maxed-out SR weapons you have the Black Gold you can receive.

That’s everything covered on how to get and spend Black Gold in Tower of Fantasy.

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