What Is Error Code Diver & How To Fix It In COD Modern Warfare II?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Beta version was recently released. However, for now, PlayStation users are the only ones who can access it. On September 22nd, it will be available for Xbox One and PC. Additionally, there are some prerequisites that must be downloaded before you can access COD Modern Warfare 2. In high-performing games like COD, the downloadable files are usually large-sized. Therefore, a stable internet connection is required while installing such huge files. Recently, an Error Code Diver was encountered by players while attempting to download COD MW 2 files. Know about this Error Code Diver and how to fix it in Modern Warfare 2.

What is Error Code Diver & How to Fix it in Modern Warfare 2?

In previous COD games like Modern Warfare and Warzone, this error code has been encountered. This issue can be caused because of multiple reasons such as:

    • To begin with, there’s a possibility that the game might be unable to fetch data due to a router setting.
    • Further, another possibility is that the Windows Defender Firewall is causing interference. Due to this, the game servers are not able to link with the source and download the necessary files.
    • Error Code Diver can also occur when the installation files are corrupted.
  • Modern Warfare 2 Error Code Diver can be fixed by the following fixes:
    • Reboot the device and restart the game.
    • Restart your router and reconnect again after a while.
    • Try Re-installing the game as it may replace the corrupted installation files of COD MW2.
    • Use a VPN after facing the Error Code Diver.
    • Change the DNS server address to or and reboot the game.

Modern Warfare 2’s Error Code Diver: That’s everything you need to know. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other COD MW 2 guide on Detrick Guernsey Error.