Bhumi Amla: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Botanical namePhyllanthus Niruri

Bhumi Amla is a tropical plant that mainly grows in coastal areas. Bhumi amla is like Amla in appearance; this herb grows only 50 cm in height. Bhumi Amla is commonly known as chanca piedra, bahupatra, and stonebreaker. Bhumi amla has a bark that is smooth and light green. The fruits of bhumi amla are tiny, soft, look like capsules form, and contain seeds. The whole plant of Bhumi amla possesses several medicinal properties.

Bhumi amla helps prevent the liver from different diseased or disorder conditions due to its antioxidant, hepatoprotective, and antiviral activities. Bhumi amla helps relieve ulcer problems by reducing gastric acid juice production for protecting the stomach lining. Bhumi amla has a perfect diuretic property that prevents kidney stone problems. Bhumi amla also helps in removing excessive body salts.

Sources of Bhumi amla

Bhumi amla is found worldwide, including Sothern India, China, and the Bahamas. In India, it is grown in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar as a cash crop.

Other Names for Bhumi amla

There are different names of Banyan depending on regional languages in India.

  • In Hindi, Bhumi amla is known as Jangli amlai, Bhumi amla.
  • In Sanskrit, Bhumi amla is known as Tamalaki, Bahupatra
  • In Kannada, Bhumi amla is known as Nelanelli, Bhu nelli.
  • In Marathi, Bhumi amla is known as Bhui amla, Bhui avla.
  • In Tamil, Bhumi amla is known as Kilanelli.
  • In Telugu, Bhumi amla is known as Nela usiraka.

Chemical compounds in Bhumi amla

The stem, roots, and leaves of Bhumi amla contain bioactive components such as glycosides, ligans, alkaloids, ellagitannins, geranin, corilagin, and amarin.

Health benefits of Bhumi amla

Bhumi amla and liver 

Bhumi Amla is a very effective herb for treating liver problems such as swelling in the liver, weak liver function, and jaundice. The primary functioning role of Bhumi amla is liver detoxification and its nourishment. Bhumi amla has Rasayana and Pitta balancing properties.

Bhumi amla and acidity

The juice of Bhumi amla fruit helps lower indigestion and acidity because of Pitta balancing properties, and this also helps to improve digestion to reduce acidity further.

Bhumi amla and sugar level management 

Bhumi Amla has a bitter taste due to its Tikta and Kashaya rasa properties that directly helps to improve metabolism process to control high sugar level in the blood further.

Bhumi amla and Skin disease

Bhumi amla juice is an excellent blood purifier, and it also helps to reduce skin disorders because of its Tikta Rasa and Pitta balancing properties.

Bhumi amla and Cough/Cold

Bhumi Amla has Kapha property which helps reduce problems like cough, breathlessness, asthma, and hiccup.

Bhumi amla and fever

In a situation associated with typhoid, Bhumi Amla helps to reduce the fever because of its Tikta and Pitta balancing properties that help to metabolism and thereby excrete toxins from the body.

Other benefits and uses of Bhumi amla

  • Bhumi Amla is an excellent herb for managing any illnesses related to the liver, including swelling, functioning, and jaundice.
  • Bhumi Amla is nutritious and helps to detoxify the damaged liver.
  • Bhumi amla juice is beneficial in managing the problems like dysentery, hyperacidity, and inflammation.
  • The leaf juice of Bhumi amla is used to prepare the drinks, which has an anti-diabetic property.
  • The indigestion is caused by excess secretion of acid in the stomach, and this is due to the excessive Pitta, which further leads to sourness and heat production in the body. Bhumi amla helps in resolving these problems, as mentioned earlier.
  • Bhumi amla is helpful in fighting problems like nausea, vomiting, headache because of its Pitta balancing properties, which is essential to improve digestion to reduce acidity.
  • Research reports suggest that an increase in the blood sugar level is due to oxidative stress in the body. Still, the antioxidants present in the amla juice helps in the reduction of free radicals, which further help improve insulin production to reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Bhumi amla is known as an immunity booster due to its antioxidant compositions.
  • Bhumi amla helps to reduce excessive bleeding during menstruation and surgery. It is due to Bhumi amla’s Sita potency and Kashaya property, which helps to balance Pitta for controlling excessive blood flow.
  • Bhumi Amla acts as a blood purifier that helps in managing skin disorders like Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, and Rosacea after its consumption. It is due to the properties of Bhumi amla, such as Tikta rasa and pitta balancing.
  • Drinking Bhumi Amla juice is beneficial in fighting against fever related to typhoid infection due to its Tikta and Pitta balancing properties that help to improve the overall metabolism for supporting the excretion of the toxins from the body.

Recommended Dosage of Bhumi amla

The ayurvedic dosage of Bhumi Amla varies according to its variants of different forms of Bhumi amla products.

Product Preparation Dosage/ Day
Churna Take half a teaspoon of Bhumi Amla Churna and mix it with honey. Bhumi amla churna is taken after meals. NA
Tablet Take two Bhumi Amla Tablet and swallow them with water after meals. NA
Capsule Take two Bhumi Amla Capsule and swallow them with water after meals. NA
Juice Take two teaspoons of Bhumi Amla Juice and mix it with one glass of water. Take it before breakfast. One time

Side effects and Precautions While Using Bhumi amla

    • The higher dosages of Bhumi Amla can lead to diarrhea because of its laxative property. Therefore, it is advised to consume it as per recommended dosages.
    • It is recommended to monitor the blood sugar level of a patient consuming Bhumi Amla supplements and along with the other prescriptions of diabetes.
    • Bhumi Amla should be taken at a lesser amount for a shorter time if someone faces arthritis problems as its consumption increases the complexity.
    • The consumption of Bhumi amla is avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Can I take Bhumi amla juice during kidney stone problems?

Yes, it is recommended to take Bhumi amla juice for kidney stone problems. Bhumi amla juice contains a bioactive compound that helps to break the kidney stone to reduce further risk. Consumption of Bhumi amla juice is also suitable for the excretion of excess magnesium and potassium from the body that helps in reducing urinary calculi.

Can I take Bhumi amla supplements during the hepatitis B situation?

Yes, Bhumi amla is suitable for situations like hepatitis B. Bhumi amla contains bioactive that possesses antiviral properties, which helps protect the liver from viral infections and reduces the risk.

Is Bhumi amla powder good for health?

Yes, Bhumi amla powder has several health benefits, and it is suitable for health. Bhumi amla has antiviral and antioxidant properties, which help in protecting liver health. The antioxidants present in Bhumi amla are good for hair growth as it helps prevent the damage of hair follicles.


Bhumi amla is considered an ayurvedic boon for diabetes, liver, skin, and hair. The powder of Bhumi amla fruits is perfect for problems like jaundice. Bhumi amla is an excellent source of water-soluble natural antioxidant that is vitamin C. Bhumi amla juice is beneficial in managing the problems like dysentery, hyperacidity, and inflammation.

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