Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Snaps Images Of The Red Planet!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) lately shared images snapped by NASA’s Ingenuity Mars rover on its official Instagram account. The photos have harvested over 870,000 likes and 3,000 comments.

The captiNASA’s image states, “We got the dirt on Mars! Images snapped by our Ingenuity Mars Helicopter during its ambitious flights have offered scientists and engineers working with our Perseverance Mars rover an unprecedented possibility to scout out the road ahead. Ingenuity contributed new insight into where various rock layers begin and end, each layer serving as a time capsule for how conditions in the ancient climate developed at this location.” Take a look at these stunning images:

The first “mage has been acquired by Mars Perseverance rover using its SHERLOC WATSON camera, positioned on the turret at the end of the rover’s robotic. It looks very detailed and gives a clear view of the surface of the redrovers. The second image has been acquired by Ingenuity using its high-resolution color camera. This camera is mounted in the helicopter’s fuselage and pointed approximately 22 degrees below the horizon.

The thirdhelicopter’s tracks made by the Perseverance over during its flight on Mars. It has been captured by a small but mighty Mars Helicopter. A piece of the helicopter’s landing gear can be seen at the top left. NASA also recently shared an imaghelicopter’smoon that looks like a potato! This is a picture of Phobos, the largest of Mars’ two raggedy moons, as seen by the UAHiRISE camera aboard our Mars Reconnaissance OMars’r spacecraft.