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Google Phone App Will Now Show Caller ID By Default! No Need To Install TrueCaller Anymore?

The Google Phone app is finally getting a new update as revealed by a source. And now, the Truecaller app will be needed to be downloaded separately because of this update.

Read on to find out all about this new update on the Google Phone app!

Google Phone App To Get New Update; Will Get Caller ID Feature
Google Phone app will be getting the Caller ID feature, which is quite a basic feature. It will, as the name suggests, display the caller’s ID on the screen, such as the caller’s name and number for all upcoming calls.

This means that Truecaller will be required to be downloaded separately so that you can find out who is calling.

Google has been working on this feature for a considerable amount of time now and it has finally been launched out to users on the stable version of the Google Phone app.

XDA Developers, who were the first ones to spot the feature in the APK teardown, have shared some screenshots that reveal the appearance of the feature. When you open the Google Phone app, you will find the Caller ID announcement menu under the Settings menu. When you tap on that, an option to turn it on will appear.

How Does This New Feature Work?
When you switch this on, you will see “caller’s name and number will be read out loud for incoming calls.” Next, you will have to choose from the three options that will appear. These options include that you can turn the feature on always and only while using a headset. The third option will be to keep the feature off forever.

This will help us get rid of unwanted and spam calls.

This feature will announce who is calling, and will help you to find out who is calling you even if the phone is not nearby. And in case you don’t want your phone to read out the name of the person calling, you can disable this feature.

To get the new feature, all you need to do is to update the app to the latest version of the Google Phone app from the Play Store.

As per the app description the new update will help users to screen unknown callers automatically and also filter out Robocalls before their phone rings. It states, “And when its not a robocall, your phone rings a few moments later with helpful context about who is calling and why.”

There is no mention about the caller ID announcement feature. In short this means that it might take a while to arrive in India. There also is the possibility that Google might start launching out this feature for its users in the United States.

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