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Twitter Introduces ‘Articles’: Users Can Now Share Long-Form Content

Twitter is working on a new feature called ‘Articles,’ which is a rebranded version of Twitter Notes, announced last year. The feature aims to provide Twitter users with a platform to express themselves freely, without the usual character limit of 280 characters. With Elon Musk taking over Twitter, Twitter Blue subscribers now have the ability to tweet up to 25,000 characters, making the original purpose of Twitter Notes somewhat vague.

However, Elon Musk confirmed that the company is still actively working on the feature, now known as Twitter Articles. A Twitter user named “周子愉 Fausto Chou” discovered the change and shared a screenshot, stating that “Twitter quietly renamed Notes, which was in the experimental stage, to Articles earlier in the day!”

Musk responded to the tweet, explaining that Articles will enable users to post media-rich, in-depth articles. He even mentioned that users could write and publish a book within the platform, emphasizing the freedom and extended possibilities of the feature.

Articles will have a separate section within Twitter, allowing users to write longer content without the usual restrictions of a tweet. Users will have the ability to include photos, videos, and other tweets within an Article. Published Articles will appear on the user’s Twitter profile and can be shared as tweets.

Initially, Notes was only available to select users in Canada, Ghana, the UK, and the US. The rebranding to Articles suggests that Twitter is enhancing the feature and preparing it for a broader audience.

In addition to the introduction of Articles, Twitter has recently made other significant updates. They have started sharing ad revenue with creators for ads served in the replies to their posts. Elon Musk also addressed concerns from creators, including eligibility for monetization, rate limits, and verification rules. He indicated that Twitter would delete the policy that restricted certain accounts, such as those associated with animals or fictional characters, from being eligible for “Twitter Blue Verified” subscriptions. Musk also mentioned plans to share ad revenue from profile page views with users in the near future.

With the introduction of Articles, Twitter is expanding its platform’s capabilities, allowing users to share longer, more comprehensive content and engage with their audience in a more in-depth manner.

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