7 Lakes In Montenegro You Should Visit At Least Once In Your Life


The beauty of Montenegro is enhanced by its jewels, the lakes in Montenegro. You may walk long distances along with your beloved during mornings along the coast of the Adriatic sea, can have some family time during lunch at the banks of Skadar Lake. And if you are the one who wants to experience thrills and adventure then you can surely spend your evening hiking on the beautiful mountains too. It’s truly a worthy destination to visit and spend time taking a break from long hectic daily schedules. Montenegro is one of those European countries which is admired for its beauty as well as historical importance.

7 Beautiful Lakes In Montenegro

Montenegro’s historical importance is one of the reasons why it is not wrong to include it in the top 10 world tourist destinations. So here are the seven lakes one should explore when here.

  1. Lake Biograd


The Biogradaska Gora National park holds one of the true beauties of nature, the Lake Biograd surrounded on all its sides by the virgin forests. 1094 meters above sea level having crystal clear water with a length stretching for about 1100 meters, the width of 410 meters and depth of circa 4.5 meters which makes it suitable for boating and sightseeing and also the largest glacier lake of the national park makes it one of the must-visit places for the tourists. Hiking tours leading through beautiful landscapes and surrounding mountains which reflect emerald color on the lake’s surface is truly a treat for the eyes.

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  1. Black lake


Situated in the Durmitor National Park, the black lake in Montenegro stretches for about 5 km but within this small area, it covers so many photoshops and picnic spots that it becomes a whole day long journey exploring the beauties of this emerald green lake and dense forests along with snow-capped mountains. There are benches placed after regular intervals for the visitors to sit and enjoy the singing of these birds and the view of ducks gathering along the banks of the lake and cows nibbling on the long grass. Black lake among Montenegro lakes surely satisfies those who are close to nature and its beauties.


  1. Lake Skadar


Lake Skadar was the lake which was named after the city of Shkoder; Lake Skadar maps to the western part of Balkan Peninsula belonging to Northern Albania. It is situated in the Zeta-Skadar Valley belonging to the municipalities of Bar and party Podgorica. The lake belongs to Montenegro and has been the part of the National park since 1983 and the rest to the Albanian territory which is a managed natural reserve. The Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance included the lake in its 1996 list. In 2011, it was nominated for a UNESCO heritage status.

Another unique feature of Lake Skadar is that it lies in the “crypto depression” which in simple terms means that some parts of the lake’s bottom are below sea level. These are also known as “sublacustrine springs” or in layman known as eyes. The southern and south-western shores are barren with rocks bays and sublacustrine springs. Its northern part is largely inundated. Islands like Beska Island with two churches and Grmozur Island which was once a prison fortress can be found here.

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  1. Lake Piva


The lake is actually a reservoir in the lakes of Montenegro. The surface of the lake is 12.5km2 with the length of 45km and maximum depth of 188 meters. Its height is 675 meters above sea level, the most elevated artificial reservoir in the world. This artificial lake, also known by the name of Pivsko Jezero is a result of the construction of the Mratinje Dam on the Piva River which is now blocked because of the hydrological dam called Lake Piva. There used to be a Piva monastery which has now been relocated to someplace which is 8km from Pluzine and 3.5 km from original location took time from 1969 to 1982. Since the level of water has decreased to 10metres so most of the attention is attracted by the Podgorica and the coastal region.

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  1. Black Lake


This artificial lake has been constructed in the municipality of Bileca, in the entity of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Montenegro has only a small part of it because most of it is being used as Montenegrin border. This lake is a large manmade lake constructed on the Trebijanca River in the year 1968. It is at the upper and central part of Trebsinjica valley, 17km from trebinje town and one of the largest lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The only source of surface water is subjected to extreme weather conditions both in the winter and during the summer.

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  1. Lake Rujiste


A local center of Rozaje, Montenegro has this lake located in Bisevo. Next, to this lake, there is an alp called Gospodin Vrh. The area where this lake I located is called Rujista and is planned to become a golf course due to suitable facilities. Although most of the lake is left undiscovered, still it is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Rozaje.

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  1. Lake Sas


Sas is a small village near Montenegro, this lake is situated north-east of Ulcinj. Brisa Gora (Mali I Brise) to the southwest, Fraskanjelsko Police (Keneta e Fraskanjellit) to the east, Ambulsko Brdo (Mali I Shasit) to the northeast and the Brisko Police (Fusha e Brise) to the northwest borders the lake geographically. The area of the lake is 5.5 km2 and is 3.2km long with 1.5km width and 7.8metres depth and the shore of the lake is about 8.6km.

The lake is acknowledged as Little Lake Scutari because of having the same flora and fauna as found at the Lake Scutari, which is moderately quite large. The warmer months call for a large number of different species of birds.

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As mentioned earlier, Montenegro has some special qualities which make it so unique, and one among them is the security and protection of the visitors. It promises to make your vacation a memorable one so that you come back here just like many other tourists who once visited Lakes in Montenegro. Montenegro is known for its crazy parties and unique festivals. So, when are you heading to this little Balkan country on your trip to Europe.


Frequently Asked Questions About Lakes In Montenegro

What are the most famous lakes located in Montenegro?

Some of the famous lakes located over there are Lake Biograd, black creek, Lake Skadar, Bilecko lake, Lake Rujiste, and many more.

What are some of the most beautiful lakes located in Montenegro?

Most of the lakes in Montenegro are mesmerizingly beautiful. Some of the famous lakes are Lake Skadar, Lake Rujiste, Lake Piva, and many more.

What is the highest artificial lake in the world?

Lake Piva is the highest artificial lake in the world. It is located in Montenegro and is located 675 km above sea level.

What are the everyday activities that tourists take part in Montenegro?

Some of the everyday activities preferred by tourists are Kayaking, cycling, stargazing, hiking, trekking, camping, and many more.

Why is the Black lake so famous in the world?

The Black lake is a picturesque lake located in the Durmitor National park of Montenegro, and it is famous for the clean water. Many postcards have the lake’s picture all around the world. The total area of the lake is around 5 square km.

When is the apt time to visit Montenegro?

Though you can visit Montenegro anytime of the year, the best time to go there is between June to September.

How many days are enough for exploring Montenegro?

You can explore the entirety of Montenegro within five days. If you do not have much time, you can even cover the place within three days.

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