All Popular Tourist Destinations In Kerala Will Be Hundred Percent Vaccinated Zones By July 15

The tourism industry has suffered massive losses during the pandemic and the Kerala government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the safety of visitors. The Kerala government is mulling to provide jabs to everyone in the tourism sector and has already started inoculating those working in the industry. All popular tourist destinations in the state will be hundred percent vaccinated by July 15.

Kerala Is All Set To Promote Ayurveda, Yoga & Wellness
The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to more awareness on health and hygiene. People from all across the world are ready to spend more time and efforts on improving one’s health to keep infections and diseases at bay. Kerala is all set to promote Ayurveda, yoga and wellness tourism in the state post-pandemic era. The decision to promote wellness tourism in God’s Own Country comes due to high demand and increased interest in immunity boost and health care. So, Ayurveda and wellness tourism is definitely the next big thing in travel!

Survival First, Revival Next For Kerala Tourism; Focus On Wellness Sector
Anish Kumar PK, a single man tour operator in Kerala built his own company ‘The Travel Planner’. This award-winning tour operator now struggles to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic. He stated to The Indian Express, “Survival of those attached to the sector is the first priority. We can only think of revival (of the sector) after that.” Kumar predicts that if vaccination of the general public proceeds then people would be confident to travel by October. In light of the devastating effects of the second wave, leisure travel might take longer to resume. But medical wellness sector especially Ayurveda might be resumed earlier. There is a growing interest in Ayurveda especially from people in the Middle East. According to The Indian Express report, Jihad Hussain, a tour operator and managing director of Gateway Malabar revealed that medical wellness is incomparable in Kerala. Older people also depend on it for rehabilitation. So, Kerala will resume medical wellness first.

Kerala All Set to Promote Wellness Tourism In The Post Pandemic Era
People from all across the world, visit Kerala for its Ayurveda and herbal treatments. Post the coronavirus pandemic, the state shall gear up to promote wellness tourism which includes Ayurveda and yoga. Claudia Wagner, a leading German tour operator from FIT Reisen stated to the Deccan Herald “The world is seeing that a good immune system and physical distancing can check the spread of SARS- CoV-2. Kerala and India stand a good chance to get an upper hand as people trust Ayurveda for improving immunity and wellness.”

Ms Wagner also adds that the demand for Ayurveda shall increase in the post-pandemic days. On that note, she stresses that Kerala must come up with new packages and marketing strategies. And at the same time, India must also open its borders and lift curbs on vacationers. FIT Reisen gets 50% business from India and Sri Lanka. Claudia Wagner is considered an expert in Ayurveda tourism marketing. She is known for sending Germans for Ayurveda and rejuvenation therapy to Kerala. Ms Wagner warns India that Sri Lanka opened its borders for tourism. And Kerala might lose footfall if the borders remain closed.

Next Tourist Season Crucial For Kerala To Promote Wellness Tourism
At an Association of Tourism Trade Organisations India (ATTOI) webinar Ms. Wagner from Germany spoke on the ‘Impact of COVID-19 and the revival of tourism’. She states that the next tourist season is crucial for India and Kerala. In fact, a lot of enquires for travel curbs were pouring in as Kerala is a favoured destination for Ayurveda. Kadakampally Surendran, Minister for Tourism stated that Kerala with its hill stations, backwaters and Ayurveda would be the most sought after destination in the post-pandemic days when healthcare will be the top priority for people.

Karnataka’s Gokarna Shall Start Wellness Packages On Om Beach
Just like Kerala, Karnataka’s Gokarna also looks forward to starting wellness packages to promote tourism. CGH Earth’s SwaSwara at Gokarna’s Om Beach shall open new programmes for wellness holidays. But these don’t include body contact therapies. Sidarth Dominic, CEO, CGH Earth states to Outlook India “There’s going to be a huge surge in people seeking wellness holidays now. In the immediate future, we see people from Bangalore and Maharashtra taking driving holidays to SwaSwara to reboot. The method of our treatments requires proximity to the patient and close interaction with them. We have put in place enhanced safety and hygiene measures to safeguard the guests, the staff and the community around us.” Well, so now that you know Ayurveda is the next big thing in travel, get ready to add this to your wishlist. When it’s safe to visit spas again, check out these unique spa experiences in Mumbai.