A Seven-day Friends-themed Cruise Will Sail In 2022 From Florida To Mexico

FRIENDS- it is one such show that binds all of us together. No matter who you are, where you are from, if you are Friend’s fan, you are a family. And recently, our FRIENDS made sure to spend time with us once again over 20 years on a memorable reunion. A reunion, which was filled with laughter, tear, epic fashion show, behind the scene shots and a max level of nostalgia. And like us, if you too love Friends, and don’t mind rewatching it almost daily, then here’s something for you.

The FRIENDS Cruise Will Sail From May 15, 2022, For A Week
Fana World Travel is launching a Friends Fans’ cruise for all you fans out there. The seven-day sitcom-themed cruise will set off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 15, 2022. Travellers can hop aboard from Key West, Grand Cayman and Cozumel in Mexico. And to make things more exciting, travellers will also get to channel their inner Monica, Rachel, Chandler or any other characters.


From Costume Parties To Trivia Contests, There’s A Lot To Look Forward To On The Ship
There will be costume parties, Friends trivia contests and can you also try a cooking demonstration that would make chef Monica Geller proud. If you are considering going on this trip, then you must know that bookings are now open, with tickets starting at (AED 6055.55) $1,648.66 per person. The packages include Wi-Fi, drinks, $150 shore excursion credit per person, gratuities, taxes and fees.

Now ain’t this concept super cool? So if you are flush on some cash and love FRIENDS, then you must definitely check this cruise out.