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Sunday, February 5, 2023

CUPS Cafe Sets Coffee Price Depending On How Polite You’re To The Staff

Words and phrases like ’emotional quotient’, ‘body language, ‘positivity’ and more have gained much significance in recent times. They have been even explicitly defined under an elaborate subject known as ‘Personality Development’. I had the subject in my college final year, and I still remember the teacher telling out loud, “To move ahead in life, IQ or intelligence quotient is not enough. You also need to develop a strong EQ or emotional quotient. The way you present yourself, your behavior must create vibes of positivity around you.”

Her words were true indeed. And I feel their value, even today, years after passing out. Etiquette indeed plays a very important role in our lives. Therefore, a cafe in Roanoke, Virginia, named CUPS Coffee & Tea, decided to reward its customers on the basis of their etiquette.

Coffee Price Will Depend On The Way You Ask For It
It’s a known fact that many people do not behave properly with the restaurant staff. While they serve customers with smiling faces, a lot of people are rude to them unnecessarily. On the other hand, there are also some people who are extremely well-behaved and treat the staff with politeness and empathy. The board of the cafe recently made rounds on Facebook and Reddit, which stated coffee prices depending on how politely the coffee is ordered.

For example, someone who just says, “Small Coffee” will get the coffee at $5. Someone who says, “Small Coffee Please” will get the coffee at $3. And the one who says, “Hello, one small coffee please” can get the coffee at $1.75. The more polite you’re, the lesser will be the coffee price. According to apost.com, the idea of the business owner, Austin Simms, actually worked well. Think about it. Over time, it can actually end up making some customers more courteous.

The Post Went Viral On Facebook And Reddit
The picture was originally shared on Facebook, where it had received over 1.7K likes and 891 comments. One user, who apparently seemed to be disrespectful, had commented, “I’m not saying please to someone below me.” Another user wittily replied to the rude statement, “Judging by this comment, there is literally nobody below you.” The impolite comment had also received many angry reactions from other users. In Reddit, the post has grabbed over 51.3K upvotes.

This is also a gentle reminder to treat all the employees, be it the waiter, the receptionist, or any other staff, with due respect, in all kinds of eateries, be it big or small. We must be thankful to them as they are at our service after all.

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