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Google Maps Launches New Features That Will Make Travel Safer, Quicker & Easier

Launched in 2005, Google Maps have only been evolving each year. Every year since then, it has been upgrading its features to help us reach from point A to point B easily. But the latest innovation gives you more tailored information based on the time of day and the user’s specific location. It gives you direct access to Live View, and a few new innovations to make driving safer. With the new features, Google ensures that you need only have a comfortable journey but a safe one as well.

Google Maps Will Show You The Most Relevant Information Based On The Time Of The Day
Google will also launch machine learning to reduce a driver’s chance of encountering hard-braking moments. This feature will enable users to take the fastest route, one that reduces the chances of breaking. Google Maps will also offer a more personalized experience. It will show you the most relevant information based on the time of day. For example, if you live in New York and open up Maps at 8 am, it prominently features nearby coffee shops. If you are heading out in the evening, it will highlight more evening spots.

You Will Get Details About The Best Shops & Restaurants In An Unfamiliar Place
If you are on a getaway, you will spot popular tourist attractions and local markets. If you are exploring a place on foot, Google Maps, you can use Live View to see the world around you. So if you are in an unfamiliar city you will never be lost with the Live View feature of the map. Besides, you will get all the details about the best shops and restaurants, recent reviews, and photos.

Google Maps will now also display street signs to help you decipher complex directions making travel extremely easy.

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