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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Noida Man Gifted Land On Moon By American Company For Working Hard

Hard work always pays off. Be it at work or in general-one always gets rewarded for working diligently. Companies credit a good amount as a bonus for hardworking employees, and that’s enough to boost our morale. However, how far do you think a company can go to appreciate its employee’s work? Well, we don’t know about other companies, but this American company in Noida surely knows how to pamper and reward their diligent employees. Yep, an employee working at a Noida firm got a ‘piece of the land’ on the moon for all his hard work. No, we aren’t kidding! Read on to know more about it.

Iftekar Rahmani Gets A Piece Of The Land On The Moon By Luna Society International
Iftekar Rahmani, a software developer by profession, now owns a piece of land on Moon, thanks to all his hard work. As per the reports, Rahmani, a native of Darbhanga, manages a software development company called AR Studios in Noida, which works solely on Artificial Intelligence. He also develops software for Luna Society International, an American company that sells lunar real estate.

Rahmani Becomes The First Person In His District To Own A Land On Moon
Rahman’s work significantly helps the company, and to appreciate all his hard work and dedication, the organisation rewarded him by buying a plot of land on the moon.

After receiving a one-of-a-kind gift, Rahmani is overjoyed and is literally over the moon. And this achievement has not only made him happy, but his native village in Bihar is also quite ecstatic about it. In fact, Rahmani now owns a land on the moon, the first person to do so in his district. And his family celebrated this news by distributing sweets in the village.

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