Transform Your House Into Home Sweet Home By Handmade Tableware And Decor Pieces Of Local Kala!

Offbeat bowls, ceramic mugs, funky planters. The collection of tableware and décor pieces at Local Kala are all handcrafted by artisans from throughout the nation. All, so you receive to add a dose of fun décor to your space!

Are you annoyed by the same old plates, bowls, and mugs you’ve been using at home? Want to give your space a refreshing change with some new décor elements? Look no further than Local Kala, an online venture that focuses on tableware and home décor merchandise, all made by craftsmen and artisans from across the nation. Plus, most of them are prepared in limited editions, which means you’ll get to own something novel for your residence sweet home.

Local Kala’s range of merchandise includes everything from ceramic mugs, plates, and bowls to cute planters, coasters, and other décor pieces. Ribbed ceramic mugs look to be one of their bestselling products. Coming in a glossy finish, these are ready in myriad shades. Rich blues, pastels, browns, deep reds, they have it all. We’ve also spotted one-of-a-kind options like a GOT beer mug! So, please keep your eyes peeled for their new collections. Plates arriving in varying sizes, colors, and prints, wooden platters for those get-togethers, wooden cutlery sets, hexagonal bowls for your Maggi, and matte-finish tableware are just some of the other goodies we’ve adored on their page!

Done stocking up on their tableware? Add on their owl coasters while you’re at it: conversation starter and perfect to add a touch of quirk to your table setup. Let’s turn to their décor pieces now. Some of their printed coasters can double up as wall décor, while their handpainted ceramic bells can turn even the most drab-looking corner into a charming spot. You’ll also find fish wall mounts, wooden storage boxes, terracotta pen stands, and tiny drawer sets to color up your space. Got a little one who is into crafty stuff? Score their DIY kit with essentials like clay, colors, and brushes to get them started. Since their products are not mass-produced, they may get sold out pretty fast. So, make sure to keep an eye out and order as soon as you spot something you like!