Chinese Billionaire Buys House With Crystal Kitchen & Infinity Pool Overlooking Sea For ₹400 Crores


We all have loved ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ right? Gone are the days when only the Caucasians would flaunt their uber-rich lifestyles. Now, we have one of our Chinese brethren who has upped the game of owning a house that would put Richie Rich to shame. A Chinese billionaire has bought a house in Hong Kong that has a crystal kitchen and an infinity pool overlooking the sea, costing a whopping ₹400 crores.

Chinese Billionaire Fred Hu Buys Luxurious House In Hong Kong
The founder of Primavera Capital Ltd., Fred Hu, has purchased an uber-luxurious home in Hong Kong for HK$428 million (₹400 crores). This five-bedroom house, with the size of 4,775 square feet (444 square meters), comprises three floors and is located in Tai Tam, a rich and prestigious area in South Hong Kong. Think of Bandra West. Fred Hu’s home is one of the five houses in the 45 Tai Tam Road development that features a lot of extravagant fittings. When we say extravagant, we mean that Persian carpets, cut crystal kitchen cabinet, and Christofle cutlery. (Yeah, we may not know these brands cause we aren’t Crazy Rich yet!) So, is that all? Apparently not.

Private Infinity Pool, Crystal Kitchen & More
Fred Hu can enjoy a carefree day at his private infinity pool overlooking the South China Sea as well. Since the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in luxurious goods and services in China. Several companies are also profiting from this ‘revenge shopping’ phenomenon. We did not make up this term, let us inform you that. Revenge shopping refers to the overindulgence to shop after maintaining restraint for months. Did you know that for a short while, Bernard Arnault and family, owners of Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), had dethroned Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest on Monday?

Arnault’s net worth has been estimated at $186.2 billion and this is contributed by the shopping spree observed in countries like China. Getting back to the topic, CK Asset Holdings Ltd. offloaded the priciest property in Asia to a mainland Chinese buyer for HK$459 million. This happened in February and even Wharf Holdings Ltd.-led consortium won a residential plot on the Peak for a record price by square feet in Hong Kong. Well, we can surely say that money does the talking!