Congress trying to buy votes in Khorli, accuses BJP

All parties are gearing up for elections held on 14th Feb. Leaders of BJP, Congress, Trinamool Congress, and Aam Aadmi Party are trying to win voters’ support through campaign rallies. Bardez constituency has gained more popularity during the electoral campaigns.

Yesterday in Khorli, a shocking incident came to light, Opponents have also filed complaints against Congress candidate Sudhir Kandolkar for allegedly distributing money to voters. Meanwhile, the supporters of kandolkar and opponents created havoc and confronted which created a big drama at the police station.

Also, opposition parties are criticizing congress and also demanding strict against Kandolkar. BJP has also slammed Kandolkar and appealed to voters to teach lessons to such candidates who are trying to win on money strength.

“We believe in democracy and hope that the Election Commission and the police administration will take the appropriate action against such incidents. Kandolkar is trying to get elected by showing the lure of money. The place of such candidates is in jail and not in assembly”. Slammed BJP.