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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Ryan Braganza’s Verbal tussle with journalists at Press conference

Ahead of the Goa elections, all party leaders are seen criticizing and making allegations on each other, But now some leaders seem to be getting angry over the cash-strapped questions asked by journalists. A similar incident took place yesterday at a press conference in Mapusa.

What exactly happened?

According to the news, Congress leader Michael Lobo and former mayor Ryan Braganza, along with Congress candidate Sudhir Kandolkar, held a press conference yesterday, Former mayor Braganza alleged that the development of Mapusa was hampered due to the lack of vision of the existing MLAs, the reporters at press pinpointed that, the same MLA’s were working under him when he was mayor, After this, there was a verbal tussle between Journalist and Braganza. Also, Journalists question the congress candidate Sudhir kandolkar, where he has been for 25 years? . Also There is no Ravindra Bhavan, no public relations office, is this role of Corporator? After this Braganza immediately question journalists if this is the role of corporators then what is the job of  MLA’s, Braganza’s question brought up a verbal clash between him and the journalist

Further Braganza re-questioned saying that  See the situation of Kucheli Zar After this Journalist blamed him saying, “You are responsible for what happened to Kucheli Zar as you are were the mayor at that time. Why are you criticizing MLA’s after entering congress” Meanwhile Michael Lobo interrupted this clash by changing the topic? Also, the resources said that he has apologized to the journalist.

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