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Truecaller Introduces AI-Powered Assistant in India to Enhance Call Experience

Truecaller, the leading caller identification app, has announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ‘Assistant’ in India. The Truecaller Assistant is an innovative solution that leverages machine learning and cloud telephony to provide users with a customizable and interactive digital receptionist to handle their calls and help them avoid unwanted callers.

With the Truecaller Assistant, users can enjoy a helpful call-screening experience. The Assistant quickly responds to incoming calls and accurately understands the caller’s intentions. Users can view a live transcription of the caller’s speech, enabling them to identify the caller and understand the purpose of the call. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions about whether to take the call, request more information from the caller with a simple tap, or mark the call as spam.

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director of Truecaller India, expressed excitement about this new development, stating, “Until now, Truecaller would show you who’s calling, but now you can let Truecaller Assistant have a conversation with the caller on your behalf. This is a very exciting next step for us in helping people avoid spam and fraud callers completely.”

Truecaller Assistant was initially launched in the United States and Australia and is now available in India. The service will be available in English, Hindi, and ‘Hinglish’ to cater to a wider user base. Users can also personalize their Assistant by selecting from various accents and intonations, such as professional, friendly, or courteous.

The Truecaller Assistant is available for a free 14-day trial, allowing users to experience its benefits firsthand. After the trial period, users can opt for the Premium Assistant plan, which starts at Rs 149 per month (or Rs 99 as part of a limited-time promotional deal).

With its AI-powered Assistant, Truecaller aims to enhance the call experience for users in India, providing them with a reliable and efficient solution to manage their calls and avoid unwanted interruptions.

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