Everything You Need To Know About UAE’s Covid Vaccine Booster Shot

UAE aims to vaccinate its entire eligible adult population by year-end, and for that, the country has also approved Sinopharm booster shots for its residents. And with the introduction of a booster shot, UAE is also one of the few countries to make the third dose of covid vaccine available. If you are still unsure of this and don’t know much about the booster shot, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you must know about UAE’s covid booster shot.

What is a booster shot?
A booster shot is an extra covid vaccine shot that will be needed after the second dose of the vaccine. It will give more protection against covid-19 and is for everyone.

Who all need a booster shot?
The booster shot is necessary for everyone to retain their immunity against the novel coronavirus. The boosters are especially advised for the vulnerable group and children. Senior citizens and people with chronic health issues need a booster shot too. It will protect them from complications that may lead to death.

For how long does the immunity against covid-19 last for a vaccinated person?
At present, one can’t give an exact time frame; hence, taking a booster shot after the second jab is a safer option to maintain the antibody levels against coronavirus. Everyone reacts differently to covid- some have great antibodies built, while others don’t have enough antibodies to keep them safe in the long run.

When can UAE-ites take a booster shot?
UAE residents can take a booster shot six months after they take their second dose. For the same, priority will be given to those with chronic health conditions and senior citizens.

Are the booster shots safe?
Well, the vaccine given for protection from the covid-19 virus has proven to be safe, so there’s no harm in getting a booster shot as well. A booster shot will increase your immunity and help you fight the virus.